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Very upsetting day

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Forgive me, for not replying individually, all your replies, were honest correct and helpful, this morning I am acting at being normal, the hospice rang and confirmed they will make our family appointment whilst my son is home from America at christmas, that's so helpful, my daughter is ringing him right now to inform him that we will be having a chat with John on how his health is deteriorating, I can't do it myself, I will be laying by his side holding his hand, we've been told expect a couple of months, how do we all keep taking this pain, you wonderful people who has gone through this and are still with us here, it seems it never goes away for you, bless you all thank you, lots of love xxx

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Blessings and prayers!

Some of us are on the other side of losing a loved one to PSP. In my case it was my beloved, barely 55 year old son, May 4, 2017. I, for one, remember that I often barely had time to eat, let alone respond to other than my son (do not spend worry on not responding to each of us).

I cared for my son at his home along with paid care-taking. I am glad that you will have strong support from your children.

19 months later I still grieve, but have a different prospectus on all that happened, and each day I move closer to letting go.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

You are wellcome.

A big hug.


Take good care of yourself too in all of this sending you hugs you are doing brilliantly

Love Sarahxxx

Don't worry about replying individually.

We cope because we have to - and we focus on our loved ones.

I found letting him go incredibly hard. He was in such a poor state that it felt cruel to hold on.

After he died it was / is hard because I remember him from before PSP.

Its tough but PSP teaches you to be tough.

Big hug from Jean x

Take care of yourself and big hugs

Jo x

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