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My mom with CBD for approx. last 8 years

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Hello All, First of all thanks for being such good people with such great hearts being a blessing in so many people's lives. I had joined this community a few years back but didn't get the opportunity to write. Now, after reading some of the latest posts, I am urged to share my side of the story and am sure to get a lot of support from all of you.

I'm in India and my mom has been diagnosed with CBD approximately 8 years back. She did have 'falls' from a year or two before that but we couldn't really get it diagnosed. Initially the doctors that it was a psychological problem, followed by Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and what not. Finally and hopefully correctly, she has been diagnosed to be suffering from CBD. As this being a progressively deteriorating disease, it is very heartbreaking to see her every day enduring the suffering. I take solace from the fact that she is still with us and I have the opportunity to see and care for her. Also I see so many other women and men her age don't live to see these many years (she is 66 now), I am happy. I strongly believe, with the pace of medical technological advancements, this disease along with many that we don't have cures today, will be curable soon. God Bless us and all of you!

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Dear Arinkb,

I'm so sorry your Mum has had to endure this horrible disease. My husband also suffers from CBD. Sounds like your mum is much closer to the end of the journey than my husband is. Are you the only caregiver, or do you have help to look after her? It is a heavy job when it's advanced, isn't it? How are you looking after yourself?

You sound very positive, and I like our optimistic outlook! I too, hope that the answers - or at least the beginning to them - is on the horizon :-)

Anne G.

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arinkb in reply to raincitygirl

Hello Anne,

Thanks a bunch for your kind words. As I said, I don't believe my mom or for that matter anyone is near to the end; in fact I don't think of any end, or even if I do, I think of it as a bright end which means all of them are able to walk and talk much better than before.

Thanks again for asking. Yes I have a lot of help at home. I have 2 nurses each in 12-hour shifts as well as my 76-yr young dad and my wife. My son (~ 7 yrs) is immense help too :-) with his kind and sweet words of encouragement for his grand-mom. I read "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" to my mom almost every night just before she dozes off - I suggest this to everyone here.

How young is your husband? And who do you have to help him out apart from you? Keep on keeping on... Cheers!

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raincitygirl in reply to arinkb

Hubby is not totally disabled yet and can get around from sofa to toilet on his own still. So its mostly me with 1 care aide 3x/week for 45 mins for showering & dressing while I go to an exercise class. I'm sure rhat picture will change more soon, as I've seen more downhill slide this year. However I do get occasional respite when a daughter comes to stay. Ptecious times!!

Cheers ;-)

Anne G.

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arinkb in reply to raincitygirl

Hmm. Lets be not so 'hopeful' with the downhill. You never know - with immensely positive attitude and improving medical science, anything might be achievable. Please do remember that the more upbeat you are in the inside as well as outside, the more hopeful your husband will be, as the vibes are inadvertent. So let's visualize a perfectly healthy and mobile husband of yours and a supremely happy family of yours. Cheers and God Bless!

A big hug.


Thank you for sharing.

drs dont help

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