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Daughter of newly diagnosed PSP patient


Hi, I'm new here and welcome any advice or recommendations on PSP, my dad is 75yrs old and recently diagnosed after a 12 week stint in hospital with a delirium from a UTI

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Hi there and welcome! My dad is also 75 and started with severe UTI and confusion. That was almost 3 years ago. He was just diagnosed with PSP this past December. In my frantic google searching I came across this forum. It has been a god send. Everyone here is so informative and caring. It is a great comfort talking to others who know exactly what you are going through. Welcome to the group, but sorry you have cause to join.

Thank you for the support it's very much appreciated xx

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Totally agree, this site is amazingly supportive. So comforting as you said, to just have someone else out there that understands what we are going through.

Welcome. Its over whelming when you are first diagnosed. Not good news. However its good to find a group to support you.

Only recommendation is to make the most of the present and keep as mobile as possible for as long as possible.

best wishes from Jean

Thank you for the support it's very much appreciated, everything is changing so quickly xx

Hello Concerned and Welcome!

There are lots of experienced and knowledgeable members here. There are so many possible items of discussion re PSP that its best if you ask a specific question (or just post how YOU are.. What your worries are..etc!)

Also, do look up the historic posts/strings: there's a wealth of advice on every subject for 7 years here. (Go up to the search window on upper right hand of the screen, or, post the question/subject in Google and add Health Unlocked to the search.)

Look forward to hearing more from you :-)

Anne G.

Thank you for the support it's very much appreciated xx

Welcome but sorry you had to find the site. You should probably decide who's going to be in charge of your father's needs and get that person power of attorney and something for health care decisions. Also if possible find out your fathers wishes on various life support options. I know it sounds like a lot but I feel it's best to get these things out of the way now so you can concentrate on his care.


Thank you for the support it's very much appreciated xx

Hi there, and welcome. My husband is also 75, but has had P.S.P for I suspect 8 years plus, only diagnosed (when I actually worked it out) 4 years ago. This site is amazingly supportive, it is a godsend. A shame there is nothing like it in Australia where I am. Unfortunately P.S.P is a horrid illness, robbing one of everything except their brain.(in my hubby's case, that is) What stage is your Dad at, symptoms etc. Hugs to you Marg H from Barnawartha Victoria Australia

Hi Concerneddaughters!

By personal-internal mail I´m sending my experiences on PSP disease expecting they could be useful.

Hugs and courage.


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