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Phone for your love one

Phone for your love one

This has been a life saver for me,you can program 2 phone number in the small one and one touch to call and one touch to hang up or answer.I have my cell program into it so if I'm out my husband can call.This was purchased in london drug store in BC Canada for 100.00.It allows me go out for short husband uses it and it make me feel better knowing it around his neck.

Raincitygirl Ann,if I knew how to add the photo to your post I would of


Dee in BC

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Ann, This looks like a great idea. Is this a cordless or plugged in wall phone. Thanks, Suzanne


It has both cordless and plug in,the pendant is cordless as well.




Very :)


Thanks Dee, and that is a good "add" to the "Home Alone" string, ha ha!

I'm going to check it out; Hubby has a cell phone but just recently I realized he can't remember how to access all the functions, so something simpler is in order now.... I'm close to a London Drugs.

Hugs to you XX

Anne G.


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