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Can't find cause of infection - anyone experienced similar?


I'm normally just a reader of the forum as it's invaluable for advising my hubby & his family who care for my father-in-law. My father-in-law is pretty much at the end-stage of PSP although he was mis-diagnosed with Parkinson's for some years. He is currently in hospital following yet another fall. He has an infection but the docs can't determine what it is. They have ruled out UTI and pneumonia but he has re-curring high temps and other infection symptoms. The docs say tests are coming up blank. Has anyone else experienced this - is it normal for PSP?

Also, since the last fall (no bones broken, just bruising) he's gone completely rigid and is stuck in the foetal position. He's still able to eat and drink a little. When the temp is down, he's can speak a little too but not much. Is it normal to be 'stuck' in the same position like this?

Thanks for reading and appreciate anyone who is able to comment.

Lucy x

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I just wish I could give you some answers, but experience with my husbands PSP is that each case seems to develop its own little ways, just an extra way to cause extra worry and bewilderment to the family. I hope you will find some better answers.



Yikes - I would definately be concerned - have they checked his blood for sepsis? Instead of trying to find the source -why aren't they using broad-spectrum antibiotics to kill it -regardless of where it is at?


Thanks both for resonding. Yes, they did/are using broad-spetrum antibiotics which worked for a bit but infection symptoms keep coming and going.

This afternoon the family were summonded by the hosp as my father-in-law is fading fast. He's been moved to a side room and put on the Liverpool Pathway.

Wish I could be there with my husband but have a 4 and 5 year old to look after. Their only concept of death is when Darth Vadar dies at the end of one of the Star Wars films bless them. They do understand how important family is so were pleased that my husband, his sister, his Mum, Aunt & Uncle can all be there to be with Grandad.

Lucy x


Hi Lucy - if the symptoms keep coming and going - this means that the antibiotics are really no longer working and I'm sorry to say - you are getting close to the end but it sounds like you already know that. I just lost my dad on the 23rd of Jan and we had been getting fevers very consistantly for a few months - no relief from antibiotics althought we tried. I am so glad you have littles ones -they are so sweet during these times -my father lived with me and the night before my dad passed away I told my 6 yr old before he went to bed that Pappa was going to go to heaven that night and he was so excited for Papa because he was going to be able to see Spike -our dog that passed away. So very sweet. I wish you and your family all the best and pray for a peaceful passing for Grandad when the time comes.



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