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After a fall my father in law tends to be completely out of it, he goes blank and does not respond right away. Has anyone experienced this?

Hello I am new to this support group, my father inlaw has just been diagnosed with psp. We are in the learning stages as to what to expect with psp. After my father in law has a fall he seems to be completly out of it, he gets a blank look on his face and does not respond right away and we find it difficult to help him up. Has anyone experienced this as well and is there anything we can do to help?

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hi dmay

i do not have htis problem - when i fall i know fo ra split second b4 that i am going to go and am always completely"with it"adn know i have fallen

sorry i cancnot help u atthis moment

but plz read our blogs: we r here 4 u


love jill


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hi jillann

Thank you so much for the response, I have been reading the blogs and they are very informative. This is something totally new to us and the more people share the more we learn. I appreciate the support. Thank you



no problem

i am sorry not to eb able to answe ryour quesiton

cna your pSP nurse help?

.love jill



Hi dmay... Is he diabetic?


Hi Ehsan

No he is not diabetic, but when he falls he just goes blank and it is difficult to try to help him up. He just stares at you like he is confused, I don't really know how to describe it, but it can be difficult for my mother inlaw to help him up.


We have to remember that the brain of a PSP person reacts much slower than a normal brain. Perhaps his reaction time is much slower than yours. Perhaps he doesn't recognize what made him fall because there was no cause other than PSP so he is taking time to rationalize how he got on the floor. Just a couple of thoughts.


hji dmay I hope thats not short for dismay mate i think you try and get him up to soon if he has fallen over just tell him to lay there for a while and while he is doing that just ask him if he feels ok anything feels out of the ordinary or broken because when you fall over you are in shock and you lose a lot of confidence that is why he looks confused anyway once you havre checked him over grab a chair and put it near him ask him if he can roll over onto hes knees once he hasd done thois then he can get hes hands to work onto the chair and start to pull himself up using he s hands and then lift one knee on the strongest leg if he cannot handle nthis you can give him a bit of a lift by grabbing hold of hes trousers at the waist from the back and help him up a bit at a time if one person wants to lift him and he is not top heavy go around the back of him and put your arms around him until they meet around chest high will do then start to lift him up iut give him plenty time to get over hes fall if he is to heavy get the ambulance out I have had them out for me twice to get mre up because I could not get up on my own and my wife could not lift me hope thjs helps you in some small way mate buit the main thing is to give him time don't rush him you see have psp too matey so good luck with that see yer peterjones queensland Australia psp sufferer and spaced out looker sometimes


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