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Show us your wet room lol

I just thought I would add a pic of my wet room that was fitted for David. Very functional if a bit medical, but it was fitted by the local authority here so definitely not complaining, it worked very well,

As mentioned on the other thread it might help with ideas, in this case my original bathroom was too small to get the wheelchair in as it went down a passageway that was too narrow, so this was the second bedroom converted.

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Looks very functional as well.long hose shower is a life saver as well


Was just reading the wet room thread from 3 months ago when you offered to show yours to anyone in your area. Doglington suggested a coach tour of wet rooms, ha ha!!


I remember that, Made me laugh !




That is what we need - a mop! My stepson plumber sweetly fitted a wet room shower for us before Xmas (but without as many screens as your fine one). The floor is always getting wet and I am getting fed up with wet heavy bathmats every day!



Hi Richard33, I've only just spotted this reply. What you really need (and I added to the wet room a day or so after taking the picture) is one of those rubber strips on a broom handle, then after the shower you can just slush all the water towards the drain! Works even better then a mop!

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