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Wet Floors or Slippery Surfaces. How did that affect PSP in the early stages?

I hope I'm not asking too many questions. I promise not to abuse this site. I want to ask all of you about the early PSP and how flooring affected your PSP person. If I go into a restaurant or a store that has just mopped their tile floor I can barely walk. A little snow on the sidewalk and I have to hold my arms out and take mini-steps. I am on 53 yrs old but I walk like an old man (wide base - very careful). Can anyone relate to this?

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Dear McFly - I'd say you can't ask too many questions here, so don't worry about that, but just ask or write anytime. Folks who have time to respond and feel like responding will answer; folks who don't, won't! It's my feeling that everyone here benefits from the shared experiences, and I'm sure others will agree. Like you, my guy definitely has had great difficulties with different floor surfaces. He too developed a wide stance, and keeps one arm far out to the side for balance. He first noticed the floor problem in airports; it felt like he was tripping at every step, he said. Grocery stores are a problem, too. He started using a cart even if he was just going in for a single item, so he'd have some support. He found a cane very helpful keeping him stable at first. (And a cane can be stylish!) He's just started using a walker; he resisted the idea for a while, but it makes him feel so much more secure that he's quite happy to rely on it.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this as such a young age. Falling is dangerous, and frightening. I do recommend trying a cane at least. Best wishes to you, Easterncedar


has your busband go t a

u step walker ? made IN USA an dexcellent for freesing and walkign inside

lol jill



We got first a two-wheeled frame, a Zimmer frame, which he likes quite a bit, once we added the foolish tennis balls to the back legs! Then recently we bought a four-wheeled walker with a seat, which I think he will like for going outside when we finally lose all this snow, if that ever happens. The u-step is very expensive, and not much of it is covered by our insurance. Maybe that will be our next purchase, down the road!


Dear McFly - all sounds very similar to my husband - he had changes to his gait quite evident in 2006 also 53 years old which lead him to visit- OT, physio, optometrist - all did wonders to keeping John mobile along with different walking aids.

He also found Dr Comfort Douglas casual shoes ideal to wear with velcro across the front (best weight, comfort and support) *Quite pricey but well worth it.


Alana - Western Australia


Hi Mcflylike Easterncedar has already told, you can't ask too many questions. I am on this site every day, getting support from people like you, who ask the questions and the especially the kind ones that reply with some really helpful ideas. We are all up the creek without a paddle in sight. I certainly don't know what I'm doing, no doubt you are feeling exactly the same. So please don't stop.

In answer to your question, my husband has probs on uneven ground and turning. A stick is helping at the moment. We just try and avoid uneven ground, which is hard, as we both loved walking, mountain walking especially. But after our last walk, which ended in about 10 falls on the way down and a very swollen arm, we now have given that up! That was the last straw, before we went back to the doctors to try and find out what else was wrong. S had had a stroke a couple of years before, so we thought all symptoms were the stoke!

All you can do, is keep moving as much as you can, making sure you are safe by any means that is available.

Please, please keep posting, we all need to hear from each other as much as possible.

Lots of love



Uncertainty and slow walking appeared early in my wife. She felt off balance early on and often held my hand for stability.



Thanks for that, Jimbo - that's why Tony suddenly would hold my hand when we walked together, after years of not being "touchy-feely". Another bit of the jigsaw in place.



Dear Mcfly,

I was sad to read your first two sentences of your posting. Please do not hesitate for one moment to post to us here on this site. We are all here to help you and each other to cope with this disease.. Those of us who have been through it are only too pleased to pass on any suggestions that may help at the different stages etc.I think, as Heady says keep moving and it may be worth thinking ahead and looking at places in your home where you might, eventually find it useful to put up hand rails. My father had a long corridor in his bungalow and in order that he could practice his walking we put up a long rail along one side so that he could grasp it easily should he feel a bit wobbly. We also put one up all round the outside of the bungalow, on the bungalow walls so he could go for a little walk in the fresh air and reach the garden seat and sit in the sun.It did give him a feeling of some independence and control as he did not need someone to walk with him and assist all the time but was always within ear shot should he need help.


hi mcfly welcome to the site mate I do not think we have had a fly on this site before but there is plenty where I live well mate in answer to your question well I am an older man and I would walk like you do on as floor that has just been washed or I grab a trolley its easier to go around \\ snow I have not got to worry about we never have had any===== yet \\\ but the weather seems to be changing all over the world so who knows its like psp

some get this and someone else may not anyway mrs mcfly take care on those wet floors mate and look after yourself will look for you again on this site to see how you are getting on best wishes peter jones queensland australia


hi mrs mcfly i forgot to say I have psp to mate peter jones queensland Australia


Off ballance is a big problem for me also I can't go out wiothout a arm or hand to hang onto and a wet surface is not so good, and getting a daily shower would not work without hand rails and stool

psp France


Hi I am the same and need more grab rails arid tch


Around the house l

It'simdpossibke to move around without falling over w20 tines daily zz


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