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Coughing problem

Hello again everyone. Valerie has had a build up of phlem in her throat the last couple of weeks. I've tried pineapple juice and carbosystine but not had much effect.

Any ideas Bryan

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We had a suction machine, which helped a lot with the very sticky phlegm. A steam atomizer to keep the air in the room moist helped, too.

Atropine really got us through when the saliva went into overdrive. After 1.5 years the atropine ceased to work, and we got a prescription for glycopyrrolate, which worked as well.


Thanks. A suction machine may not work because Valerie tends to clamp on most things in her mouth - makes feeding and teeth cleaning difficult !!

I'll talk to the doctor about the two medicines though.


Hi bryval

Liz recently had a chest infection and the nursing home used this.

I imagine adding Olbas Oil might improve the action.



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Thanks Kevin. There is nothing on her chest - just rattles around in her throat. How does Olbas Oil work ?


Its a eucalyptus type product. High quality.

It is a strong decongestant and pleasant too.

The steam may very well soften the mucus.

One of the problems of a chest infection is that the mucus can thicken and not be 'brought up'.

You could try the old head over a steaming bowl with a towel making a tent and see if it helps.

I am not to sure about the idea, but worth a try before considering meds. perhaps.

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Hi, dad had considerable success using Hyoscine patches. We found fresh pineapple juice had little effect unfortunately. The patches reduced excess salivation and helped with coughing and choking issues for him. All the best Ruth x

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Thanks Ruth - I'll check out the patches as well.

Another problem tonight , she has been moaning for the last hour or so for no apparent reason - doesn't seem to be in pain . Is this another symptom ?



Sorry to hear that Bryan, others have reported moaning etc by their loved ones, dad didn’t , fortunately but yes it does appear to be another of the awful symptoms of PSP. Ruth x


My husband takes glycopýrrolate,it's a prescription in canada,it GP has worked well.Try searching this site for more tips.



Hi Bryval,

Phlegm and choking.

The first thing is to remain calm in front episodes of truly shocking coughs.

The second is that a physician discards an infection in the respiratory tract.

It is not a big problem that the patient swallows his phlegm.

For phlegm to be fluid it is important to drink liquids. Also steam from boiling water with a few drops of Eucalyptus essence and a small spoonful of Vicks Vaporub (Olbas oil in U.K.) with a towel covering head and bowl helps (3 times a day).

Medications type "Mucosan" (Ambroxol hydrochloride) in the morning and in the afternoon help.

In case of choking raise both arms at shoulder height, breathe only through the nose intensely, retain air a couple of seconds and then force the cough.

The physiotherapists have exercises reinforcing trunk muscles to improve the cough response to choking.



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Thanks Luis and everyone for your tips. I'll see what results I get from them.



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