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the lark and the owl

the lark and the owl

i'm definitely a lark -alive to the morning just before dawn - a time for me to focus on the advanced math of quantum theory. i'm through the escape hatch into a world where my mind scans vast oceans of thought and cuts deep paths into the unknown. i will then return to my other world renewed and refreshed but shuffling around

picture is my computer edited version of my daughter's painting

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Hi Jim

Good for you! The world is designed for larks who have their sleep hormone cycle set forwards of the brains diurnal cycle and 'owls' have it set the other way. Larks do a lot better because the employment times and everything is set to 'Lark Time' But hey, we get to rob your house while your sleeping - chuckles.

I can imagine how wonderful escaping into the purity of maths is. For me it used to be the intricacies of bronze age Chinese Texts. I must return to them again one day. They were put on hold. I could loose a whole day quite easily.

How is it all going?

Your daughters painting is stunning she has a fantastic way of suggesting with the paint.

Best to you Jim


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Hi kevin

Now u can do anything you just have 2 put the work in

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Good morning,

I suspect the fact that even on Sunday mornings your mind does not switch off......

Your daughter's watercolour is beautiful, I sometimes use 'Topaz Impressions' to manipulate images into artistic work.

I know little of the world of quantum physics but found this interesting but not easy to understand. bbc.com/earth/story/2017021...




patrick--thanks for the link-i am always suspicious of such assumptions

i offer to teach you the basics of quantum mechanics without tears or math just wonder at its beauty

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Today I was awake at 2:20. Didn’t get back to sleep. When it’s warm I go out and wake the worms up.


That sense of peace is worth a lot


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