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Hi all,my husband George has had a couple of days in bed just seems like he is exhausted,it happened about two months ago and the same before that,he has no fever or sickness but just sleeps when this happens.was wondering if anyone else has any experience of this. Forgot to add that after couple of days he brightens up and this has been over the last year. Thanks all .

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  • Larry’s doing the same thing. I’m beat as well. Think part of it is loosing the sun light. Hibernation mode is taking over.

  • David used to do this sometimes, he would just say he wanted to go to bed really early in the evening, which was really unusual for him. Initially I started to try and get him to stay up because he wouldn't sleep anyway, but as it developed into a bit more often I understood a bit more of going on. I think it's similar to when they zone out and just close their eyes and become unresponsive for a few seconds, then open their eyes and carry on as if nothing has happened. David did that quite a bit particularly mid-chew at mealtimes, I think the body is just tired fighting what is going on.

  • Oh my yes, Charles does the closing of eyes and zoning out. He's so very tired.


  • Hibernation mode, I like the sound of that.

  • My wide slept a lot during her last year of life with PSP. Not sure if it’s just the disease, from some of the drugs that she was on (most likely a waste of time and money), or from her chronic UTI infections. But it could also be from extreme boredom. When you can no longer do the things you want to do in life, and all you can do safely is stay seated or lie down, I guess I would probably sleep a lot too.


  • I thought about that, too, ketchupman! And being retired!!!!! We can take naps now!!!!! Not to suggest This is your case Lindy - just that sleeping is one of the things that comes up for us.

  • My husband has no trouble sleeping !! After a day of running errands or a trip to the grocery store, he takes a couple of days to recover. The other night he wanted to go to bed at 7:pm 😨 I wouldn't let him!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well Hi Lindy. Yes this seems to be happening to Charlie too. He keeps working in the garden sort of and then comes a couple of very worn out days. So these become sleeping and slow action days. Perhaps not as often or as long as your husband George but I expect it will increase as time passes. We are planning a move to a little house in the town but need to build a landing and lift and rebuild the bathroom before we can go. A Little bit a a time. Make the most of the action days and take a break on the sleeping ones.... cheers

    Val and Charlie

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