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This morning Larry was have a very hard time with swallowing. He was coughing and choking on his saliva. Going into his room he was also trying to pee in a urinal. He is OCD. His delusion kicked in this morning as well. I wanted to empty the urinal but he insisted it had to have the urine in it. He couldn’t use another one. That was the OCD and delusion meeting. Having read stories on the website mentioned above prepared me for this type of thing. I let him rant and tell me I was useless. Then took him down to the living room. He seems to be better with the choking now after being down here for an hour.

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  • The coughing and choking is horrible, I hate that so much. It is all part of the illness, that is another horrible part of it, no empathy, but I am sure deep down the know how we are suffering with it. Keep strong. Yvonne xxx

  • It is still a shock when it happens though? I think you handled it very well. Glad you remembered what others have said. I would probably have gone blank!

    Marie x

  • My wife had massive problems with choking on her saliva and was prescribed Atropine eye drops under the tongue by the Dr at the hospice and it has helped to keep the saliva down. You may need a Palliative Care consultant to tell your GP to prescribe it for oral use as of course it is not the use for which it was intended.

  • Thanks for the information. The neurologist mentioned Botox but that sounded like a disaster waiting to happen if it went wrong.

  • Hi jeff166

    This caring can get so tough!

    Wishing you both the best.



  • Boy oh boy this is a mirror image of some instances here. Comes and goes. Hang in there. One minute I'm PNG and the next I'm perfect.

    There is humor somewhere isn't there



  • I'll laugh a little!!!!

  • The coughing and choking is the worst part for me. When it starts it goes on for hours and hours. I have three machines lined up to help when he begins but it sometimes takes a whole night to calm it down

    Awful aspect of the disease.



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