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Depression crisis

My PSP patient has depression crisis every 30-60 days.

Against depression he takes daily: 1/2 of Sertraline-50 in breakfast and 1/2 Sertraline-50 in the meal,

When the communication with her becomes almost impossible it becomes very obvious for the patient to be in a kind of jail. She despairs, screams and cries. The episode usually returns in 24-48 hours, a period in which the caregivers and the patient have a very bad time.

Does anyone know of a more effective solution to combat these episodes of "depressive crisis"?

Thank you

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Hi Luis

This sounds difficult to live through for all concerned.

The cycle is a bit of a mystery.

Sertraline is generally very good. It has anti-anxiety properties too.

Could it be that these episodes are related to the PSP rather than an normal emotional response to this terrible illness? A normal response might respond to love, warmth and support... However it may be the PSP is affecting the emotional centers of the brain.

The other option you have is to talk to the Doctor about some sedation for these 'bad' spells. There are a choice of Benzodiazapenes. Diazepam is commonly used in this sort of situation. It does cause dependency and should really not be used for more than a few weeks without a break. However if he was only taking it as needed for a few days to get through these bad spell there shouldn't be a problem.

I am not a doctor and these comments are merely my uneducated observations, but it does sound like a chat with the doctor might be useful.

Wishing you all well.


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Thanks a lot, Kevin.

Your comments are welcome and helpful.




Hi Luis

I'm pleased.

Hugs to you and your wife.

Be well


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