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Roma power pack

Roma power pack

In case anyone is interested the sale of my power pack for the wheel chair didn't happen in the end so it is still available for £120 and delivered anywhere in the UK inclusive . I do also have a waterproof cape to fit over a wheel chair and a quilted fleece thingy to sit in and keep warm in a wheelchair . Very happy to post those off to anyone who would like to make use of them .


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Did you get my message George?



No Rosemary I didn't - try again or my e-mail address is


Just to say I was interested but read one time about someone finding a power pack not powerful enough (I think it might have been a Roma) and subsequently being very satisfied with a TGA. Did you have any issues?

Even more recently someone told me that they can cause the wheelchair to ground too easily up kerb etc. This would apply to any I imagine.


By the way most batteries seem to need recharging after about two miles of use .But they don't take long and nad I just used to plug ours in when we got home and kept it topped up . You don't have to take anything off -just plug in the charger to the battery in situ .


The Roma is certainly less powerful than the TGA but then the TGA is about £600 I think also there a variations within the model - single wheel drive and twin wheel . Twin wheel is better than single wheel . Other things to consider is the weight of the person in the chair . My wife was eleven and a half stone when we got it . It was fine on the flat and gentle inclines but on steep inclines it struggled but still assisted whereas the TGA that was provided for us later seemed to cope better but then I was inclined to go on country walks up hill and down dale so as to speak . I don't remember any curb issues and yes you are right they both have the same modus operandi so would act in a similar way but as I said I don't recall any difficulty with curbs . If you are in a hilly area I would try to get a TGA but around town etc the Roma was fine - I used it for a year and only changed when the mobility people built us a better wheelchair because of my wife's posture and delivered it complete with TGA motor .

Hope this helps



Hi Georgepa

Do you know if the power pack fits any make of wheelchair?




I think so but if you Google Roma Medical it gives you the specification ; it should fit wheelchairs with a width between the side bars of 14ins to 20 ins and should be able to carry 21 stone .


It's a bargain folks!

Juat paid over £600 for ours, they are a godsend.

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Hi G,

I would be interested in the Roma power pack but just worried that I am going to get it wrong. It would be for my mums dash lite wheelchair which folds and the width between side bars is 16 inches.

I have spoken to my local mobility shop and the guy there said they are pretty universal so I shouldn't have a problem. He said as long as it comes with the following bits:

Brackets, crossbar, power pack, battery charger, controls and cable.

Can you confirm this for me and also that delivery is inclusive. We live in Bexhill.

Many Thanks, I am sorry to be a pest with all the questions.



Yes it has all the bits listed and the book of instructions. The only thing that is a bit ragged is a strap which is attached to the motor and attaches to the handles which when you alter the length lifts the motor and wheels off the ground if you don't want to use it . I always found it a bit of a pain and jury rigged it to suit me .It was the same with the TGA strap it never seemed to work properly so I organised that one to suit me too .Delivery is included but if you don't like it or it doesn't fit you can send it back . It should be fine if you have 16'' . And there is a choice of brackets to fit the circumference of the bars .

My daughter lives in Worthing so you could drop it off with her if it is no good .And don't pay anything until you have tried it !


G, that is very kind of you thank you.

My mum would like it and would like to know how you would accept payment.

Can I give our delivery address to you via a private email address ?

Many thanks



That's fine - you can email me at and as far as paying goes , have a go with the machine first and then we can sort things out if it works for your mum . George


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