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Looking for suggestions to help with Rigidity


Good Morning, My sister who has been diagnosed and deals with many PSP Symptoms. She is now experiencing Rigidity (mainly in her neck and shoulders). I am trying to find past posts or would Appreciate anyone's suggestions as to how to treat her Rigidity.

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Hi Bev: Darn! I cant get the search function to work on my phone...I know Ive read posts in the past referencing this. Hopefully the experienced folk will jump in..I'll have another try when I get home.

Search for post: help with rigidity by HGe2844 7 yrs ago and Rigidity of Neck and Limbs by barnacle abt 4 yrs ago. Both mention Baclofen and Botox inthe replies...

bevenco in reply to raincitygirl

I certainly appreciate your taking the time to respond to my question. The two Posts you suggested are informative. I now know that I can put a Word into "Search" and any past posts will come up. All these suggestions will help my Brother-in-Law when he takes my Sister to the new Doctor. Thanks from a grateful, Texan!

Kevin_1 in reply to bevenco

Tip - Search in Google adding the words Health Unlocked - it is very effective.

Adding a pennies worth - Massage and physio help.

Wishing you the best


bevenco in reply to Kevin_1

Kevin, Your Pennies Worth is valued much higher. Tried the Google + HealthUnlocked and found good suggestions. We are better armed with questions when we visit the new Ortho Doctor. Thanks.....

Hi, my wife(CBD) is due her second series of Botox injections after the initial jabs three moths ago which has seen a marked improvement in her rigid left arm. She locks her left leg as well which makes it difficult to lift her up, I will inform her consultant in ten days, but I can’t see him giving Botox injections all over every stiff and locked limb. Our OT wants me to hoist her at all times and a gantry with hoist system is to be fitted above her bed in next couple of weeks. Best wishes

bevenco in reply to Tjayoo

We accept your Good Wishes. Now that I know how to find past Posts and now with your Reply...I see Botox is being successfully administered in many cases...will question the OT when we visit him. Our best to you in caring for your loved one.

My friend having the issues. His family and I are wondering about having a massage therapist come in and work on his neck.

Hi! Take a look at Kevin's post about 4 up...In his experience massage is helpful (along with physiotherapy)...

bevenco in reply to raincitygirl

Thanks All, We will look into Massage Therapy. We'll post if we find some relief for my Sister.

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