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my wife has been losing weight gradually now for the past 5 years , she is only 43 but to be fair looks 80 she has no muscle left or strength to move about , she struggles to speak and refuses to go to doctors , i am at a loss as to what to do as i fear she may well die ....very soon i was going to ring for an ambulance but she said no, and i can't exactly get her in a headlock and drag her ,i'm concerned .

one day she may eat 1 slice of jam on toast , another it might be 6 scampi bites and whilst i'm at work all day she eats nothing

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Hi that is very sad and she is sooo young. Has she had a diagnosis of any kind? Has anyone told you what is happening to her?


She could have any number of things wrong? If she has not had a diagnosis she needs one. You must ring for an Ambulance and not tell her! I wouldn't normally suggest that but unless you can talk to her and get her to see how bad the situation is I don't know what else you can do. You can't just let her die? You could be charged with neglect at the very least? This is serious.



Yes you must get a doctor or ambulance immediately........

At Christmas I lost an old friend who had a fear of doctors and hospitals. He had suffered with a damaged knee for some 6 months and was in a lot of pain to the point that he could not walk. In desperation his wife called a doctor who told him he would not live if he did not go to hospital.

He did go but sadly died 3 days later from sepsis shock.

Do it now, or you will live with regret forever.



Hi there. You dont say if your wife has psp although if you're on this site maybe she has. A young woman to be so affected. Do write again and tell us, but the doctors must be your first port of call. Can you not make an appointment yourself and speak to someone. It sounds like its getting serious now. All the best. Keep posting.



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