Just found this on the web

Just found this on the web


I was looking into the fruit soursop, and ran across this website. Don't have much faith in the article but PSP was referred to as a "virus".

Once had a horse who appeared to have had a stoke. He seemed partially paralyzed on one side of his body. Dr. Andresen the veterinarian looked perplexed examining him. Going against the humane way of dealing with an animal in this condition, we decided to see how his condition played out naturally. About a week past my mom Called me up shouting, " That Dam Horse", I asked if he died, she responded "No, on the contrary he's running around rolling like a three year old!" Chris, short for Chrisma his name, was over 30 years old. Ended up being the first and oldest on record to contract the West Nile Virus and live.

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  • PSP is not a virus. He must have confused it with an STD, I've heard that can mess with brain too. We all have HOPE for a treatment that could one day lead to a cure... perhaps even a vaccine. I put no stock in false hope. This person obviously lost that part of the brain, so much so that cannot make the distinction between reality and BS. Top of the morning to you all.

  • Tim

    You got it! Lol. Thanks for the laugh but it's so sad there are people out there trying to sell false hope to people who are desperate for a cure?

    Don't mean you 1Robk. It's the evil people who post those things on the internet!


  • Hello there - I think Dr. Lala is probably a "witch doctor" who is stomping around believing in his own magic potions - sounds a bit wacky to me.

  • To be sure.

  • Scam scam scam scam.

    I believe both sweetsop and soursop are implicated in psp, but the mechanism is unknown. A member of the community here hailing form Puerto Rico said both of her parents have psp, presumably from the fruit.

  • Hi 1Robk

    Google Dr Lala. You will find a few sites which seem authentic, but one is a quack with poorly written English making completely crazy claims to cure people of serious illnesses with herbs and things. Its other signature style is frequent references to God etc. The site easy to spot because it so silly and badly done it is alike a poof site.

    He also employs people to go around health sites promoting his cures with testimonials. can't find the website right now.

    Great about Chrisma. :)



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