Two weeks and counting

Two weeks ago Alan went into hospital with a urine infection since then two chest infections. He is only on fluid drip his ng tube taken out 4 days ago. They have said this is his last few days or weeks just waiting for him to stabilise to get him home. Totally lost all track of time am so tired. Here we go again another trip to the hospital.

Love to all Jeanette

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  • Sorry to hear that, Jeanette.

    I hope all goes smoothly in organising him home again. Try to catch up on sleep whilst he is in hospital. You need to be on top of things when he comes home.

    Love, Jean x

  • So sorry to hear that as well, I hate hospitals, George came in yesterday afternoon from the hospice, urine infection, but I have pushed for him to come home, feeling it is better for him xxxxx

  • Hugs, Jeanette. Nap when you can. It will help.

  • I agree eastern cedar

    lol jill


  • Hi, Jill! It always cheers me up to see you here. And I rather wanted that boost this morning. I wonder if you are listening to any good music lately? Love, EC

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