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My dad

Hello all

My father has been diagnosed a year ago with psp although he had symptoms for 3 years previous... i am finding it very difficult at the moment accepting this although getting better day by day.. i think its the not knowing what to expect day in and day out, he is having many falls and recently fell fracturing his foot and chipping a bone too, ending up in having to have a boot on for 6 weeks.. not great as his balance is atrocious..... the frustration .... the fright he has written all over his face... so heartbreaking .... i know this is not going to get any better, but so wish i could change it, its the not knowing of how quick he is going to deteriorate? And what is going to come next?

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Bless you Sharen! I understand exactly how you feel because I've been there with my Dad! Just try and take each day as it comes because if you look ahead too much it actually doesn't help! Psp is absolute shit, I won't lie! Are you in the uk? What help if any is your Dad getting x


Yes. It is a dreadful thing to come to terms with as it is a downward slope.

I'm afraid I always say you need to focus on making good memories now.

There will be good times still. Rant on this site, as we all know how awful it is.

Love from Jean x


I feel your pain, Sharen. It's heartbreaking seeing how it takes hold. I'm a similar situation with my Mum - diagnosed last year but developing a good 2-3 years before that. The condition seems to plateau and the dive - so a good few weeks even months with very slow change and then a sudden drop. Just hate to see her like this knowing that her memory etc is in tact. The worse thing for me is that she's seeming more and more remote because she is so exhausted and her speech is getting worse. I can see the direction of travel but then again not really sure what's round the corner and when.


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