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Bloated tummy and frequent bowel movements

(pls refer to my previous post to understand my dad's condition)

hello friends.. help.

I scanned thru the forum to find if frequent bowel movement and/or loose stools is often found in PSP patients. But appears that constipation is more common, so wondering what is happening with dad.

No medicine + probiotic appears to work. He has been passing loose stools, 4-6 times a day for the past week or so. His tummy is bloated and his nurse had suggested antacid and course gets over today. Still his tummy appears larger (looks more because he has lost weight in the other areas) more in the evenings.

Any help?

Dad is otherwise quite drowsy and tired, totally bedridden, refuses to stay on his wheel chair more than few minutes. Keeps asking us to move him back to bed. Speaks little bit. Quite aware of whats happening around if he isn't sleeping. Appetite reduced, still oral but pureed foods, aspires occasionally with or without food, aspiration certainly happens with fluids. Not sure what stage this is all in. He looks good on certain days, otherwise on many other days.

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My opinion is this, bowels are a constant problem in Psp patients, be it constipation or loads of loose stools, ie diarrhoea! It's a tricky one to manage and takes a lot of balancing! Hugs x


Agree. My husband has looseness in varying degrees. He has never been constipated so far. But he doesn't have any bloating.

I give him imodium as needed.


ah ok , thanks Satt2015 and doglington.

I give him imodium equivalent & bifilac too, but no effect for the past couple of days.


My husband never had constipation, quite the reverse! So yes I think it's PSP. Think you are doing the right thing but you need to talk to the Pharmacy if it does no good.

Marie x

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Update - dad's bloated tummy still stays. he is on another antacid syrup now.

He appears to be more incoherent these days, more in the evening. keeps sleeping in the morning except for the time he is forced to be out of the bed bathing wheelchair bound.

Doc wants us to stop all his other medicines as its about a month & half after the surgery and discharge now. The meds he used to take for his blood pressure & cholestrol is stopped too; not sure we are doing the right thing, but everyone seems to feel we need to go by the geriatric. what do you think?

There are some SOS meds prescribed too like low sugar ones. but its strange.. how do we even find if his sugar levels are low? he always appears to be dizzy.


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