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PSP AWARENESS WEEK 15th - 21th MAY - 'It's Not Parkinson's'

For people with PSP getting a correct diagnosis is challenging, with 30%* incorrectly diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Even after referral to a neurologist more than a third (35%) had to wait over a year for a confirmed diagnosis, with 17% having to wait more than two years.

People with PSP deserve to receive a correct diagnosis first time. We are calling on neurologists, geriatricians and other healthcare professionals to do just one small thing to support PSP Awareness Week. Please watch our animated Vice President, Professor Sir Colin Blakemore’s personal appeal to medical professionals, to get the diagnosis right and help patients achieve the best possible quality of life.

Please view the animation here:

How you can help?

People with PSP don’t have time to wait for the care and support that comes with a correct diagnosis.

Please send a link to this page to any healthcare professionals you know, including neurologists, geriatricians and movement disorder specialists. The more medical professionals understand PSP, the more can be done to help people diagnosed with this cruel condition.

If you are resident in the UK and you would like to order our ‘It’s Not Parkinson’s’ awareness cards for handing out to healthcare professionals, please email or call 01327 322410.

Residents outside of the UK can contact us for a downloadable card.

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