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Peg fitted

Monday 11.50 phone from hosp. Can I get ger there by 3pm. They've got a bed. Rush rush rush. Got him there. Straight into ward and bed. Great.

Tues morn 9.45 down for peg insertion via local anaesthesia because of choking. Back to ward midday.

Wednesday first small overnight feed with me watching. A larger feed tonight. Hope they let me do it as I'm a bit nervous at the moment in case I do it wrong.

Hospital have ordered all the paraphernalia from a company called Abbott who have their own dedicated nurses who will call periodically or sooner if I have a problem.

I know others have got or had pegs. Any tips from your experience would be appreciated. Marie

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Can't give any advise Marie as have no experience but best of luck with the feeding regime, I know NannaB managed well when feeding Colin. You will be fine once you know the ropes.

Love Kate xxx

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Sorry I can't help Marie George does not want a peg, what about a chat with DN. Yvonne xxxx


Relax Duffers. Once you start feeding you'll wonder what you were worried about. We didn't opt for overnight feeding but the HENS who take over and will train you, will explain the different options. We also had a back pack as we were still going out until 3 weeks before C died. It meant he was being fed automatically so I could eat without having to stop every few minutes.

Abbot supplied all the food to us as well. The district nurse worked out which feed he had by weighing him. C put on weight after having the PEG fitted as each bottle is packed with nutrients. We had 3 different size bottles altogether.

Many medications can be supplied in liquid form which can be administered by the PEG. The PEG doesn't always mean nothing can be taken by mouth. C never choked with yoghurt so I continued to give him natural yoghurt with different flavours added.

Two of the Crossroads carers came when I received training from the Home Enteral Nutrition Service (Hens) so they were able to feed C if I went out. They also received a certificate for the Crossroads and their files. Looks good on their CV.

I do hope all goes well.



Thanks NannaB. I feel a bit better now. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. We're still in hospital so I hope they'll let me put tonight's feed on with their supervision. Home equipment should be delivered by Monday I hope. More news when I have any.



Good luck. I am sure you will manage it well. You always seem very competent. Guess we are when we know what we are meant to do? I will be looking for regular updates!

Marie x (other one)!


Hi Marie. How are you now. I hope you are looking after yourself.

I'm beginning to get the hang of the feeding regime. A lot to remember initially but then it all seems to click into place. I've got the pump and stand already and hope the rest and food will come on Monday and then ger can come home and we'll settle into our own way of doing things. Marie



I feel numb. Can't seem to cry which is amazing really. We have been told it will be 20th March before we can have the funeral. So that is upsetting. By the time we go to see them on Monday it might even be 27th!

Marie x


I think crying is so different for everyone. When my father died it was actually years before I really broke down with memories. My mother was more instant but went on for years. Tears will come when you're ready to shed them.

As for funerals there is no sense to the time families have to wait to say a final goodbye to their loved ones. Please god you will find the strength to hold on till then. God bless you. Marie


Been catching up on all the posts.

I can't believe how different it is are to area England and Wales .

For instance fast tracking , pegs " even cmtissroads carers doing it while u have respite ,.

Liquid mends ,

How old are you Marie .

How do you move him , hoist. ???

John needs to be ceiling Hoisted, at all times. , I don't know how I would get him into hospital in the first place .

I have managed to keep him at home at alltime


Hi there. I've just had my 70th birthday and I've become very pro active , otherwise nothing seems to get done. In the past fortnight we have acquired a new chair for ger and a standing hoist. We've been assessed for a ceiling hoist and should get it sometime In the future lol

The local hospice were amazing. They helped with peg, district nurses and now fast tracking CHC. Wonderful people. If John needs the hospital then it's either an ambulance or wheelchair friendly taxi.

Prior to 2 weeks ago I just had a return which I would get ger on and whizz him round the house. I manhandled him into bed and the same getting him out. He never complained god bless him. Just glad to be in his own home. Take care. Marie


Marie John is more advanced he is literally bed or chair bound he has had custom built one through CHC . .


We have a ceiling hoist it's portable what I mean is not fixed to ceiling or walls.


Sorry my I pad is playing up the last time we used an ambulance he was carried down the steps and dragged on to a small seat nearby choked with the straps woiodnever manage more than a very short time in wheelchair he used a wheelie commode .

Hthat was the last time he ever left the house five 6 years ago

He would only manage if taken atraight to a ward where he would need ceiling hoists .or rptransferred off trolley with slide sheets ,.

John is 84 still plodding on . Regerred Palliative nurse for eighteen months , not that they do anything , prescribed Glycoppyrate which has been useless


If you get the ceiling hoists and anyother aids you will find it a great deal easier . Although we have carers three times daily I still do most of johns care . At least the 22 hrs the carers not here .

You are right with proactive .


Hi Marie. You will cope ok, it's not as difficult as it appears when looking at all the equipment in hospital. We opted for the manual feed. I felt that way he was more aware of a mealtime. The best method is the one you feel most comfortable with. We also had it done in Northwick Park and the support was excellent. Good luck. Love maddy


Hi madeliene. Thank you. Our second hospital visit in 2 months. I think I'm getting the hang of the feeding now as they're letting me do it at night in hospital. When ger is home and settled I hope to meet up with you for a coffee and chat. Hope you're OK and had a good Christmas and new year. Marie


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