I went for the result of my heart scan and 2 week heart monitor results today. The consultant reminded me that he had seen me in 2009 and that he and our Doc. thought that my falling unconscious onto the floor was still due to Reflex Syncope plus my neglect of myself due to me being a full time carer for B. He had the heart scan ( but due to surgery post breast cancer, the nurse who scanned me told me that they cannot get a successful scan from patients like me.) He also said that the 2 weeks heart recording was not in my notes ,although I had it done well before Christmas. What is the point of arranging for cover and putting oneself about to get to the hospital when they tell me what they have said before, without all the new, relevant information!?!*!?

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  • How EXTREMELY frustrating for you. Wouldn't it be great if you could bill them for all your time that is put into something like this, without any new or helpful results.

  • Makes you feel upset, when they do that, big hugs Yvonne xxx

  • What a good ides, LynnO! X

  • Bemused ? I would be enraged. Nowadays I go from calm to furious in an instant.


  • HUH?

  • Oh, Robbo

    You need that sort of thing like a whole in the head.

    Another thing to sort out too.

    I do hope your health is not too bad.


  • Thank you all. What worried me is that I am on drugs to lower my cholesterol. They now want to increase my blood pressure ,( after a meal, when blood pressure goes up anyway) I understand that high blood pressure and high cholesterol are ideal Stroke incentives. I have called the Doc who spoke to the Consultant before my consultation, but he is on holiday. I am doing nothing until I have spoken with him. He is a good Doc and you can give him your opinions/ questions and he treats you like an intelligent being, unlike some consultants I have met!

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