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Hi all. I have just come back from having the best time with my dad. My dad has been quite poorly the last few days and when I went to visit dad at his nursing home today was told my dad wasn't too good. We sat and chatted for a while. Dad only had a couple of spoonfuls of food and even the chocolate mouse didn't tempt him, but then the guys from the nursing home said the music was about to start and would he like to come and watch. Yes yes he replied, well the next 1 1/2 hrs was just packed with fun. The singer was fantastic had them all tapping their feet and singing along. Dad came to life singing, clapping and tapping his feet to the music. Such a joy to watch. The carers joined in dancing and singing and the residents loved every minute. It took me back to our holidays as a family to Devon when my mum and dad would be up bopping to the music and jiving the night away. I can honestly say it's been a long time since I've Smiled so much. Seeing dad smile and laugh is all I need. The nursing home always puts on entertainment for the residents and the carers always join in but today was just lovely and I now have another lovely memory to store away. I am still smiling whilst writing this. I just wanted to share a happy post with you all. Take care everyone xxxx

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How wonderful!! Beautiful memories to treasure x

Thank you so much for a happy post! I am just imagining how fun that would be to see your dad and others dancing the night away... oh how fun....I too am smiling

Thank you Millie, you made my day!


You've spread the smiles - thanks! I needed that!

Lovely to read.

Chris really loves the entertainment at his day centre.

Our son is a jazz musician and has arranged to entertain them with his clarinet. I will go along and burst with pride !!! As will Chris - -

love, Jean x

Sounds lovely. And such a good care home to do this.

How wonderful... keep making those memories. x

jillannf6 in reply to daddyt

i agree music is the ]best medicinel

lol jill


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