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Trish Caruana, CurePSP's Vice President - Patient and Carepartner Advocacy, will be hosting a Facebook Live session, Wednesday 8th Feb, 6:30pm EST. Trish works closely with pharmaceutical companies, fighting very hard for the needs of our patients and community. Trish will be talking about clinical trials, support groups, drug discovery and more.

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  • thanks for the info...I don't have facebook so let me know what happened


  • Hi there -- even though I do have FB, not sure how it streams live!!!!! also with the time difference between England and QLD ??????? the main area of interest I have at present is the research side of things - we are about ready to go anywhere in the world depending on the type of research for which I could be accepted!!!!!! But I am sure that the information that will be given by Trish will get out into the forum without any problem!!!!! Cheers

    Bindi (and to copy Peter Jones, from QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA!!@#!@!!!!).

  • Curepsp are in the US, so it'll be in your morning. I think. 🤔

    Have you seen the l-serine trial? You can buy it online.

    Another group researching another disease used bovine l-serine.

    My dad takes 2x tea spoons a day (soon to be three), it's tasteless so goes into his drink. We get it for about £70 a kilo. I couldn't tell you if it works but his neurologist said she expected him to be worse than he was when she saw him t'other day.

    Then there's the tau consortium, just in case you hadn't heard.

  • Thanks! I did give my husband L-serine, but perhaps not enough to see a benefit. May try again.

  • I contacted them and they said it is only on Facebook at this stage. The video will be archived on their Facebook page, so one can come back anytime to watch it.

  • Thank you so much Christine - much appreciated. x x x x

  • Just watched it! Great information. Contact Trish Caruana at for the latest information.

    Abbvie or BMS

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