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Coming up in October! the 2016 CurePSP International research Symposium. Our symposiums bring together the best minds in neurology to discuss advances and the future of brain disease research.


CurePSP 2016 International Research Symposium

By: Jaclyn Zendrian

CurePSP 2016 International Research Symposium

CurePSP conducts an annual International Research Symposium that brings together international investigators to hear about and discuss the latest advances in prime of life neurodegeneration including PSP, CBD, MSA and related diseases.…


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  • Is this just for Drs or is it open to people with cbd or psp to come listen and learn ?

  • I think it is open to anyone.

  • I just reviewed it and it sounds like its researchers but I am sure they would allow anyone to register and learn.

    I did find this FAMILY CONFERENCE

    Among its various educational activities, CurePSP sponsors and organizes family conferences across the country, providing people with the opportunity to learn more about PSP, CBD and MSA and to develop a sense of community. We recognize that these diseases present daily challenges for patients and families.

    The conferences include various speakers with in-the-field expertise - neurologists and movement disorder specialists who work directly with patients and their families. These experts address issues related to day-to-day life including the best ways to manage symptoms, the impact of the diseases on the family, and how to cultivate perspective of meaning and joy despite the struggles of the disease.

    In addition to the educational facts learned during the session, patients, caregivers, and families learn that they are not alone. Attendees leave the meeting having forged new friendships in the PSP, CBD and MSA communities.

    CurePSP strives to meet the needs of those who attend our conferences and actively seeks feedback to improve future programs. We place great value in identifying the topics or speakers that are of the greatest interest to attendees.

    Save The Date! 2017 Phoenix Family Conference

    March 17-18th, 2017 at the Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel

    435 South 47th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034

    - See more at:

  • Thank you for taking the time to share all that , I don't come onto this site often . I just read of you sad loss on a previous link , so sorry . Take care x

  • Thank you MidsDofCBD. It has been a tough three weeks. On Monday, it will be four weeks since I have seen my guy and I feel like this is just a bad dream. I keep expecting him to walk in the door or to be in our bedroom. I am brokenhearted. Thanks for your message.


  • For sure Nikkie thank you for still thinking of your family here ...the symposiums would be a good thing for our neurologists to go to.....

    How are you ?

  • Hi abirke

    Something about this site and answering questions or commenting brings me peace. Because you all get how awful this disease is and I don't know where I would have been with out all of you.

    I am just trying to get by without my guy. I haven't been able to move a thing. I lost it with the housekeeper moved his toothbrush!!! It's been very emotional for me. I just cry and cry. I cry at the most odd times with the most odd people! I am sure I freak them out.

    I just keep thinking and hoping my Les will walk in through the front door and that this is just a bad dream. Awful! I know he is in peace, he is pain free and no longer suffering but I miss everything about him.

    I have an angel watching me from heaven.

    Thank you for asking how I am doing. XOXO


  • Well you go ahead an let it out Nikkie....There's no certain length of time or protocol to mourning. Just know we are all there with you.

    You give yourself a hug , take long walks, the leaves will be changing soon and be very pretty. Great time to get a bike and ride ride ride


  • Thanks AVB!

  • Sending you love. Was wondering how you ( and your children ) were holding up. Has your daughter started her college classes? And your son, is he opening up and communicating his grief? Your husbands passing hit me hard as he seemed to be in an earlier phase than mine. This disease just seems to progress in a random fashion. I am in awe of your courageous actions before he passed. I'll bet he is watching over you and wants you to know he is ok now. Try to eat and sleep and get fresh air. Find a good grief counselor or support group. You are not alone.

    Hugs, Jayne

  • Hi Jayne

    Both kids started college and are living at home--thank goodness. My son was going off to college but decided to withdraw from that college 1 week before Les passed and my daughter had already decided to come home because her college program is completely online. So blessed to have them with me during this difficult time.

    Yes, Les' passing was so unexpected. He was still independent but needed some help with a few things. Was sleeping most of the day, his vision was terrible but still eating and swallowing well. We were in shock! I am sure he is watching over me and the kids. I miss my guy!

    Thanks for your message.

    Hanging in there.

    Huge hug,


  • Just caught up with this post. Nikkie.

    It must be so hard living without your love. I can only offer a big hug. I'm glad you have your children to grieve together.

    Thinking of you. love, Jean x

  • Thank you for your message Jean.

    Les was in my dream last night for the first time and he was calling my cell. I answered and he said, "Nik, I am calling to say goodbye and to tell you that I am sorry that I left you so soon." I woke up and realized it was a dream and tried so hard to go back to the dream because I wanted to keep hearing his voice!! He voice sounded fantastic. I have been waiting to see him in a dream, but instead I heard his voice through my cell phone. I miss my guy so much.

    Grateful my kids are with me too.



  • How good to feel you could get close again. Our loved ones always live in our hearts. We get more used to the hole they leave but not used to the loss.

    Glad your kids can share the pain with you.

    love, Jean x

  • Hello my husband has CBD and we are very interested in coming to the symposium can you please provide the address we are in toms river no.

    Thank you



    Just copy and paste into your web address bar, it should take you to the event page. Also, check out CurePSP site.

    Marge, Let me know if it doesn't work.


  • Thanks PSP life for posting. I was looking for an excuse to visit family and friends back east now I have one!

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