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Hoist joy!


Waiting for storm Doris to strike!

A year ago we had a vile OT, the only professional who reduced me to tears and panic with her attitude negativity and she had a face like a slapped arse!

Stamped my feet and refused to have her back, since then the girls who have visited have been delightful, very professional and efficient. Guess what? We are now going to have a single carer ceiling hoist as I cannot get his nibs up from his hospital bed without nearly fracturing his clavicle! What a bit of kit tracking in ceiling , sling easy to put under straight into shower chair through to wet room result! Moves with a finger tip , the OT did say a lot of equipment now is being designed for single carers I wonder why! Ummm money I guess as we are still very cheap.

And when I asked her how much will that cost us knock me down with a feather CHC will fund if not receiving that adult services would fund! After shelling out over £15000 in the last year for lifts and wet rooms I could have cried.

Happy days , oh and by the way first manual removal of 2017, always comes down to s**t does'nt it!

Lots of fun

Julie and a relieved Rog 😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡

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Bless you both Julie

Well done!!

A nice bit of news for a change in this crazy world of Psp

Hugs x


Julie so true, we have a lovely OT we have been very lucky. Glad you have the hoist in place, sending you a big hug. Hope the weather is not to bad where you are . Yvonne xxxx


Hi Julie, your post made me smile re OT, makes you wonder why some people go into caring profession doesn't it! As for the hoist sounds as if that's a massive help for you, we like you have slashed out thousands on wetroom, new drive and ramped patio so that Ben can get get out of the house and keep clean. Bet it was a relief that you didn't have to fork out even more for the hoist, makes a change doesn't it.

Love Kate xxx

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Hi Julie

Wonderful heart filling news!

Good luck with Storm Doris.

Is that the name of some harridan District Nurse?

(Apologies to the DN carer here - just a bit of fun).

Waiving to you both



Hi Julie, great news on the hoist and no funding required from you. Your post made me smile, still trying to picture what the OT'S face looked like .....


Lots of love

Nanny857xx 😅


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