Stolen Truck

Hi everyone lots of hugs from Aunt Bev and I we have lots and lots of snow. Well the other day our truck was stolen at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, shouldnt take long to catch them I hope. Cause there is a few tricks to the old truck for one, one brake light is out and two the gas gage says full but its not it was almost empty hopefully they run out of gas or get pulled over for the brake light. LOL They dont know it but besides the lift I put on the truck to get Aunt Bev in Im sure glad someone else has that piece of shit. I was so tired of working on it and stressing out cause it always needed some new part bet they will want to return it before to long. So instead of being stressed out I kind of feel like a hundred pound weight has been lifted off my shoulder. So all I can say is enjoy your new truck.

Just thougt I would share lots of hugs to all

Kryste and Aunt Bev

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  • Hi, Kryste! Never a dull moment for you! I hope your winnings at the casino get a brand new vehicle! (Are you really there to play? Bev, too?) You are a trouper! Best, Ec

  • Hahahah poor Kryste and aunt Bev....and the guy who stole your truck! I do hope you have other means of transporttion....Don't you live up in'd you get way down to Reno with all that snow.....The only time we had snow so far this year was on my 40 minute way up to get my son from the airport. It took about 2 hours and I was slipping and sliding all over the place . Finally got there and there was a 2 mile long line of people watiing to pick up their loved ones whose flights , like my sons, were diverted to Texas.....We got about a half of inch of snow....! melted by days end though shady spots still evident of last nights "blizzard"

    Well I hope your insurance gives you enough money that when combined with a little extra will get you a vehicle worth stealing...hahahha



  • Hi no full coverage they told me 95 fordf150 was to old for full coverage still havent found it but im over it my neighbor i help he has Parkinsons is a gem If I need to go to the store or something he lets me use his I take him Wen. to sacramento for his meeting with doc for DBS surgery deep brain stimulation surgery cant wait for him to have it done. Bev seen her Nuro Tuesday first time since MRI so ill know then about the CHAIR lets keep our fingers crossed something comes with this Nuro I found out that Medicaid will cover for transportation to her doc they send a taxi out to where i can just push her wheel chair in the back and off we go, so I got things covered I think for now. And as far as getting to a slot tournament shoot 5 feet of snow couldnt keep me away.

    lots of hugs


    P.S. what state are u in?

  • hahahaha My mom loved to gamble . She would go to Oklahoma and take with her $100! If and when she lost it , she would leave...did not dip into other pots for more money. And Maybe that's why we lived in Nevada for so many years.! I am glad that you have found medicaid to be so beneficial. And I understand about the transport...It sucks doesn't it? the ones who need insurance the mosst are the ones whose cars can't get it! Will you be taking your aunt to Sacramento for a meet and greet? or will this be just for your neighbor. I do hope and am confidant that the deep brain stimulation will help your neighbor....they have yet to prove that for PSP.....typical.

    We have lived in Arkansas since '95. Raised our kids here.


  • Hahahahaha!! That will teach the culprit :-)

  • Thank you so much for that little story. It made me laugh and cheered me up !

    Thank you, Pauline xx

  • Made my day hope the insurance coughs up for a nice replacement xxx

  • Way to go Kryste and Bev!

    You guy's are made of stern stuff!


    Hope you get it back or one off the insurance.


    Kevin and Liz

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