the times they are a changin

Hello Everyone,

Although my mother in laws anxiety has eased a bit in the past few days, I am also noticing she is sleeping at night a little more BUT she is taking 2-3 naps during the day. She is exhausted, I have read in many posts that this happens towards the end, but she has no other symtoms. Her lungs are clear, her heart rate is good and her meds only changed last night so that cannot make up for the napping she has been doing since Tuesday.

Her appetite is awsome, always has been she eats anything you put in front of her, except bananas. I can't make heads or tail of this

any one else go through this??

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  • Chris is not near the end but he sleeps a great deal, plus at night and eats well.

    Love, Jean x

  • good to hear, she hasn't taken a good nap or nights sleep in months, her mobility is non existant, she coughs more when she eats and drinks. I just hope she is catching up on some much needed sleep, God knows she needs it

  • My take - Don't read too much into the sleeping patterns. Her life has changed so much - and CBD as well as PSP can cause sleep disruptions - moving is exhausting!! - - it would be surprising if she weren't napping and still feeling exhausted. There is no reason to expect a sudden deterioration based on what you have written, in my unprofessional opinion. Last winter my guy was sleeping almost all day, and one aide, who has decades of experience, warned me that this was the beginning of the end. We got his night choking under control, with atropine, and he recovered from his light bout of pneumonia, and the exhaustion passed. He has been relatively well since last spring and is going strong now.

  • thanks, good to hear. This is just taking me by surprise, I think it also has a lot to do with all the movement and comotion at the home. She has been so used to just lying on her couch for the better part of the day.

    Your always the voice of reason easterncedar, hope the rain stopped, its still miserable in TO

  • Ok! Now, how do I get you to take care of YOU?

  • Oh I take care of me all right, I have a nice shot of Jack Daniels when things get too far out of hand....You all have a much harder job taking then I have, I dont do the day to day I make things happen when no one else can

  • Kinda wish you were in charge over here!

  • I agree with EC. I would be taking lots of naps, if I had just gone through, what your Mother in Law has. A change in circumstance is exhausting for a well person, add CBD.........

    I would also second EC's comment about looking after yourself. We can all see from your posts, how stressed and tired you are. Please, please take some YOU time, sooner rather than later!!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Heady your the absolute best, please don't fret over me It may seem like I do it all but we have always had carers for my mother in law as well as my brother in law. I am just the one that wants answers and wont stop until I get them. Right now i am at my desk having an amazing clementine. Ill go by her place tonight for a few hours after work then off to her condo we go to clean it up....I do noting compared to you all, my hat goes off to you

  • My husband is sleeping right now (2pm) and I am happy! this is when I get to go and play with my friends (that'd be you all)



  • i agree with what h and e c have said

    liol jill


  • me too

  • Don't worry about it......she is probably just still making up for her recent bouts of anxiety.

  • news flash, just got a call from the carer at the home, my mother in law has been up all afternoon fretting about who will stay with her when the carer leaves. I got her on the phone and asked her how she would like me to get there now as I am at work, she started crying, more like trying to have a fit and I shut it down....hate sounding like a complete bitch, she immediately stopped crying and told me she would wait....

    She is in a place where there are 95% Italians like her, there are people everywhere and the care is incredible. Yet she wants to sit in her room on her bed and watch tv with someone at her becon call....

    The nurses at the home say she sits with them in the morning with them, or in the social room, but once someone arrives she gets all agitated waiting for the moment they have to leave....

    I think I jinxed myself this morning

  • I think I had the most meaningful evening with my mother in law. When I got to the home, I left right after I got the call, couldnt help myslef, she was sitting at the dinner table with her friends. She was agitated and wanted nothing to do with dinner and being anywhere but in her bed resting. I explained to her that I was here to help her stay awake. She told me she didnt want to eat just as she was putting her fork to her mouth, she ate her entire plate AND desert.

    She must have tried the 'anxiety fit face' about 20 times throughout the night but I would not back down. She has her days and nights all mixed up and I had to get them back on track. So we walked downstairs, upstairs, backeards and forwards. The nurse helped her go to the bathroom, then we settles in her room for a bit on her chair. We said the rosary together and that gaver her yet another half hour of being awake.

    We walked to the elevators and low and behold, her brother and his wofe surprised us there. Someone up there is looking out for her. That brought us to about 7, remember at 5 she wanted to go to bed!!!!!

    I left at about 8, her other son showed up and I needed to get home and have dinner with my family. Waiting for a call this mornign from her carer to see if she slept the night......fingers crossed

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