Bit of a gross post...sorry.... My dad, up until now has been ok continence-wise...maybe a couple of wees when he couldn't get to the loo in time. But, over the last 10 days, he's had three incidences of really awful diarrhoea..and didn't get there in time. It's not a bug, as he feels fine, and has normal bowel movements in between these episodes (and does get there in time). He's due to go to the hospice tomorrow, but we're wondering whether to send him in case it happens again- but he really, really wants to go and would be so disappointed if he has to miss it. Does anyone have any tips of what sort of incontinence products would work in these circumstances please? He's not had an assessment yet, I will ask the hospice tomorrow, but wondering whether I can get hold of anything tomorrow morning to send him in to ease my mom's worry about the whole thing. I thought that PSP symptoms tended more towards the constipation side of things, so not sure if this is a sign of progression or a new food intolerance perhaps. But I know my poor mom is struggling to deal with it!

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  • Hi sasmock

    In my experience this is just another part of Psp! My dear dad is often constipated and then wham, mounds of diarrhoea!

    This whole business of bowel movements is a tricky ol business to balance and keeps us all on our toes!!

    You can try contacting the continence team but for us we just try and balance things best we can, give dad eggs tonight they seem to settle the tummy somewhat

    He should go to the hospice tomorrow, if it happens there, he'll be in the best place, they'll have seen it all before without doubt!!

    Big hugs x

  • Thanks so much for your reply - my thoughts exactly! My mom is worried about 'how they will cope' in the hospice. My answer to her this evening was 'better than you are'!! She needs the break just as badly as he wants to go!

  • Exactly!!!

    In my opinion no one copes better than our hospice, I can't praise them enough!! X

  • Dad has only had one day there so far, but I couldn't believe how good the staff were. He doesn't talk much, but when he came home from his first day he said 'I couldn't have been with better people'. They are stars!

  • Aww love him!!

    It's down to heady I got dad registered at our hospice, for that I can never thank heady enough for! They've been our rocks!!

    So I'm hoping your dad will go tomorrow and enjoy, equally give mum some time out!! X

  • He needs some pads just in case and I am sure they will have some there. He won't be the first person?


  • Don't worry about the hospice. They are used to dealing with all sorts of mishaps. Just send spare everything's and fingers crossed nothing will happen to upset your dad while he's there. Marie

  • Some meds can also have a reaction. It's worth checking with your GP. My mum was having the same problem, we changed some the meds (some she had been on for years) and that has worked really well. Can also be PSP, sorry. It is difficult to deal with so many things at once.

  • I will do thank you (although my faith in GPs has been reduced to almost nothing...I'm clinging on to the chance that one of them will come up with something useful)!!

  • My husband never is constipated. He gets diarrhoea a lot, different degrees. Its the pits !

    I find our hospice Day Centre doesn't want him to go when he has diarrhoea. But I don't think its an infection. The medical team and neurologist know nothing to help.

    Normally he can get to the loo in time but not always.

    I now give him immodium to check it. [ not much ]. But I get desperate.

    So far it improves after a while. I don't think I could cope with it permanently.

    I will be interested if any one can help much.

    Love, Jean x

  • Hi sasmock,

    I would let your dad go to the hospice they are used to that sort of thing, send a change of clothes just in case and put him a pair of the pull up pants on to give him and your sweet mum more confidence in the event of a mishap! Good luck!

    Love and hugs....Pat xx

  • The hospice have refused to let him in today. He's so disappointed, I could cry. They have a strict rule of 48 hours after loose bowels to protect their chemo patients

  • Samsock

    I am so sorry. I can understand where the Hospice is coming from but it's so disappointing for your parents? Will they let him go next week? I do hope so.

    Marie x

  • Thanks for your kind words. I've spoken to their GP, who was very sympathetic, and we're doing a stool sample test so that if he's clear of infection then he'll be allowed back in. She feels that it's part of PSP, so he shouldn't be excluded. If it was an infection, the loose bowels would be daily, surely...not just 3 times over 10 days. We're keeping everything crossed for next Monday.....!

  • The hospice now trust me that I never send him if I have doubts but do if he is loose. As others say, he takes a "supply bag " with him.

    I understand their concerns but its such a life-saver for

    me !!

    Good luck.

    Jean x

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