Thinking about starting a support group

Hi there my wonderful support group. I must admit, that although I do not always respond to things that are written on this site, I usually read everything, and I usually access this site every two or three days.

Now the reason for my post today................ I am wondering about how to create a Support Group for PSP 😉 " people" as opposed to the word " sufferers" and their significant other. I am also thinking about having this at our home ( in St James Park, Birkdale, Brisbane Queensland). So if there is anyone on this website who may be interested in attending, can you please let me know either via this website, or on messenger or Facebook . I will be more than happy to contact anyone directly with my direct contact details and address etc once we have established contact.

Thank you again my friends. Cheer, Bindi xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Good for you, Bindi! I hope you can manage it. One of our most well-loved members, peterjones, is from Queensland, but I don't know where. I would come if I could, but am about as far from you as is possible on the surface of this planet. Best of luck, Easterncedar

  • And I would catch a ride with you ec!

  • Bindi, are you a member of any FB PSP Groups? I know of a few including one for Australia & NZ but can't recall seeing your name - it might be worth posting in them or tey Disease Maps x

  • I would like to come if at all possible although would have to fly from Mackay. Let me know though as it would be good to have contact in same state

    Hope you are doing well

  • Hi there Kathleen.........depending upon how many responses I. Get, I will certainly keep you informed. I guess the other thing is when do you have to come down this way again (or do you)????? Thankk you for keeping in touch x x x x

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