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An Inkling

Charles is asking for Hospice. We are investigating. Today he was feeling poorly and the carefiver has just called me but he wanted to stay home. I'm at work and worried. Has anyone had the experience when the PSP patient knows the end is near.

Everyone has told me he is declining fast and I do see it as well (of course I don't want to and my stomach is churning). Don't know how to act etc.

Just write me back dear friends.


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Yes definitely. D knew (and 'said' as best he could) that the end was near about two weeks before he died.

The only thing you can do is keep him close and love him.



Oh not sure George has been unwell for the last few weeks, saying he is going to die, feeling very strange myself, got bad feeling, hope I am wrong, feeling sad. Yvonne xxxx

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I feel it two and get teary-eyed every day, just so hard to cope. So much to figure out on my own and seeing myself down the road is sad. Like you, just like everyone here.

He's not having trouble with voiding, catheter? I'm not used to these things. Hospice will explain soon.

Wheelchair coming hopefully next week.




Hi CC I like what vlh4 said, just keep him close and love him. I can only say "I think they know" but I don't know if they know...

I know this text is late, how you doing?



I love hearing from you anytime. He isn't himself. They now think it's a UTI. That makes me a little happier because if he gets antibiotics he may perk up a bit. But I know I can't keep on this rollarcoaster of sadness. We just don't know, do we.




I don't know either but Chris , every now and then ,tells me he is going and is ready. It isn't an infection or anything. I think he is just letting me know he is preparing. The roller-coaster is a sort of practising, I think.

Love from Jean xx


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