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Well here we go Aunt Bev and I well her are trying something new we started to days ago. and try for 30 days and see if there is any differents. I am taking a picture each day to document any changes. I cant remember what is called but I take a little about the size of a piece of rice and stick it under her tongue twice a day I try to post a pic or video if I can figure out how to be smarter than my phone.

Hugs Everyone

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Please wish your aunt good luck with the marijuana, I am interested in finding how she came to get it. We are having a hard time getting it for my husband who has CBD. This is the last thing to try for him. Preys to you and your aunt.


Wow! Please keep us posted. I hope you both see an improvement.



Well you have the word , Marijuana, so is it thc, or more likely CBD? is it a post any difference you can see in your aunt.



No its not THC or CBD I cant remember the name ill find out, its in a suringe and its thick and sticky I squirt a little aqbout the size of a piece of rice on a tooth pick and put it under her tounge times a day. It does not get her high even though she wished it woulg. LOL shes a hippy from back in the day. I only pray it does something,

Hugs Kryste

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Thc and cbd are the most abundant cannabinoids on the market today. There are about 84 other types of cannabinoids but they are currently only in very tiny amounts in thc or thc/cbd strains. It will take lots of breeding to create stains that have higher quantities of these.

For example. About 10 yrs ago there weren't an cbd stains.

This should give you a better idea.


Wishing your aunt and you good luck. Hope it helps.

Nanny857 xx


It will either be cbd oil or thc oil you are using. You should try and find out.

Be aware that it will cause dizziness. I was giving my dad strong thc oil a while back and initially he was less groggy (from sleeping pills) in the morning. After several weeks it made the disease appear to be progressing quicker than you would expect. With a cruise coming up we stopped the oil and he bounced straight back. And had no problems on the cruise. We have recently started him on cbd oil and he seems to be going to sleep no problem. They are a lot weaker than the last batch. I used coconut oil this time instead of alcohol. A lot safer to make that way.

Look into the endocannabinoid system. Our bodies produce our own cannabis but we produce less as we age. There are receptors in most of our organs. For us there is a high concentration of CB2 receptors in the basal ganglia and the cerebellum. The anti inflamation effect will help the brains natural cleaning process. The re-energisation of mitochondria will aid in reactivation the brain cells own cleaning process. Add to that the antioxidant and neuroprotective effects cannabis is truly a miracle plant.

However, I believe it's only going to help slow the disease.

You should look into BMAA also. It's in every Eco system.

We are giving my dad 5g of l-serine a day too. Among other things...

Good luck.

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Hi! My father has PSP as well and my mother and I were discussing MJ as well ? Any updates?

Thanks so much.

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