Advice needed on Chc funding

Mum had an assessment done and it came back that mum only has 30 percent nursing needs (which I feel is ridiculous) they say the rest of her needs are social which mum n dad have to fund. I have spoke to them about fast track because mum is palliative but they say she needs to be in her last 6 weeks of her life. Does anybody know if this is correct or am I being fobbed off. Thankyou in advance X

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  • Hi, I have never heard about the '6 weeks' before. In the meeting I had for mum I was very lucky as her conultant was in the hospital and I managed to get him into part of the meeting. He openly said that he couldn't predict how long mum had possibly months/6 months maybe a year and it was granted. I hope you manage to appeal and get the funding. It's so stressful x

  • There is a statutory 3 month review - there is no 6 week cut off under the law.

    I am going to post a lot more on this - I am reading up on it now.

    (I am ex NHS and very cross at the shenanigans going on)

    As you say it's exceptionally stressful!

    None of us need this.

    Very late so forgive the brevity please.



    PS You might want to check the link I posted above.

  • Awe Richmond another stressful load of shit you don't need!

    My dad is under palative care and has been since May and was fast tracked whilst in hospital for chc

    I'm not sure about the 6 week thing but am inclined to think it's nonsense

    Do you have a hospice involment? If not, can you arrange this for your mum? They are a massive help and would likely push the chc funding for you!

    I'd also write down every single thing down about your mum, medications, continence issues, can she feed herself, can she walk, talk, make herself understood, how everything affects your dad, your mums mood, can your mum wash and dress herself? Blah blah blah and note due to your dads age he cannot be expected to do this!!

    It's all such a bloody hard fight isn't it?


  • Hi Satt yes mum under hospice, mum can't do anything for herself, not even scratch her nose because on top of psp she has severe arthritis and can't move her arm because she's so rigid, I'm just so pissed off with having to fight for everything, I really don't know where to start. I'll ring mums palliative nurse. Dads not really managing he has health issues himself. Sorry for moaning it feels like there's only this group that truly understands 😪😪😪

  • I'll message you x

  • This point is where everything goes wrong! When it boils down to it,no matter what is wrong with you, we all need social care. Even people with advanced cancer will need their bums wiped!!! Surely, they should ask why, social care is needed.

    Sending big hug, as if we have the time or the strength to fight all these battles.

    Lots of love


  • I am feeling really happy today as I have just received the letter saying that Steve has now qualified for CHC. What a struggle though. This was the second assessment in 6 months. We only got it this time I think as the social worker and the staff nurse at his nursing home put a case up for him after I had left the room after the assessor said he was border line. He cant walk, feed or do anything for himself, gets turned every 2 hours and still only just managed to qualify. It has been the hardest struggle of my life but I feel so much better for it. Keep fighting it is worth it in the end. Good luck with your journey and STAY STRONG xx


  • I have just spoken to the matron in the hospital where Ben has been for the last 3 weeks recouping from broken hip. She was adamant that Ben wouldn't qualify as he seems to have no mental health problems,!!! What does it take, I am only just starting on this journey but it seems they put every obstacle in the way to someone who has massive needs that need to be met for free!!! It really beggars belief what a dire predicament you need to be in to qualify. Chins up and keep campaigning.

    Love Kate xxx

  • Hi Katie

    I have the CHC bit between my teeth - lol

    I am still reading the law on this.

    In case you missed it



  • Their response is illegal!

    The Haines High Court Case found that if the person had an illness which causes the disability then in whole the care responsibility fall to the NHS.

    This is now law under the Case Law of the U.K.

    It is alarmingly common that the NHS is doing things as they have to you.

    It's late so please forgive my brevity.

    For now here is one of my previous posts with very good links.

    I am more than happy to offer support to you through a process of correcting this - and you will win your case.

    All the best


  • Thankyou for all your replies, Kevin I have read your links which are very helpful, I just don't know where to start. As I said they assessed mum and Chc have said her nursing needs are 30 percent, washing and even catheter care apparently come under social needs so mum has to fund the other 60 percent I guess my starting point should be to request a reassessment xx

  • hi

    just had ours awarded , get a copy of the twelve assessment domains they should post them to you or most health trusts have them on line. you have to acheive so many high and priority hits and the focus is mostly on assessing whilst caring. for instance don't say you don't just give med make sure they know you are assessing if bowel meds are needed or analgesics.

    psp will score priority on cognition and always think of the worst day never say what they can do just what they can't. if you are a member of a carers association locally they will have qualified volunteers who can help you. fast track is available but you do have to have the full assessment after six weeks so it really is only putting off the inevitable.

    it took me two days to put together the stuff for the assessment and that is with 40 years of nursing behind me so i do not know how people manage without knowledge with all the jargon in the document.

    much love


  • Hi I agree with Kevin's posts, the CHC funding is supposed to cover all nursing and care if the underlying cause is a medical condition. There seems to be another post code lottery and in how NHS interprets its own rules.

    I have read about a 6 week's end of life before not for CHC funding but it was from local hospice concerning getting a full time bed. Great place but under very heavy pressure so limiting time only way they cope with assistance from hospital palliative care team, M never qualified as PSP not predictable.

    Keep fighting and use Kevin's information especially the legal precedent.

    Good luck Tim

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