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Mouse substitutes and mobile phones

Two finds which might just be worth mentioning.

Mobile phones: Liz was struggling with a smart phone so it was time to get something easy.

Amplicomms 8000 was the one that did the business.

It is one of the few 'big button' phones to run on 2G and 3G - Essential for some networks like '3' who have turned the older frequencies off.

It has 3 buttons across the top which can be pre-programmed to call three key people.

Its got an SOS button recessed n the back which is fully programmable and it has a recorded message when the other end pick up.

It seems to be more modern circuitry rather than obsolescent old stuff re-purposed.

Once set up it is easy to use and it is well made and rugged. I recently found that Prince Phillip uses one, but the company would not accept a return and refund on those grounds ;)

Most importantly Liz is able to use it without assistance :)


Liz is struggling with the mouse on the PC now. I got her a Kensington Orbit Optical Wired USB Trackball. It means that she can get the cursor where she wants in and then hit the left mouse button. She was clicking the mouse wheel and middle button repeatedly without realising prior to this.

The trackball is rugged and stays where it is put on the desk. the buttons have a good click feel and are large.

I hope this is of use to someone some time.

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Thanks Kevin a bit late for us but very useful information, we ride the big button phones a few years back when M had better eye hand coordination but it only lasted about 6 months before inability to sight the correct button we tried blind exercises to feel keyboards but PSP robbed her of this early. Track balls good for some instead of mice or touch screen interface but again needs hand eye coordination. Hope you can continue to be IT connected but be aware PSP robs the sufferer of vision and hand dexterity fairly early.

Good advice for early days sufferers.

Good luck Tim


Thanks Tim... Your comments are well heard... We just ride the wave, adjusting and adjusting again.

Not so much clinging to a rock, more softening the inevitable fall.

Good luck to you too.




That's it exactly. When something works it's a victory, however temporary. It's great your wife is still able to use the computer, and whatever makes that possible is wonderful. Nice job on your part finding the good gizmos!



Each day you can get Liz to do something, is one day less spent, not being able to do it!!! Worth a million bucks in my language!!!

Lots of love



Thanks Heady - So right.

I just wish I could get through one day with out an incident which makes me tearful.

I so understand Groundhog day.

I so understand Groundhog day.

Well at least I still have a sense of humour eh?




Uhm all I can say is Huh! and Huh?


We're all at different stages of this journey.


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