Body Up Evolution, anyone tried it?

So, I saw this on Facebook over a year ago but am seriously looking at this again as it seems to offer what we need for J right now. It's not available in South Africa, but I've contacted the manufacturers in Greece and have a quote for them to send one to me. I'm figuring out a way for my medical insurance to pay for it, but I can probably only buy 1 of these devices (a hoist or similar), so have to be sure it's the right choice.

So I have 2 questions really: does anyone know this piece of equipment and is it any good, especially in terms of quality and ease of use? And are there any reasons this won't be appropriate anymore the further along hubby progresses?

Thanks in advance for your usual helpful feedback :)

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  • Hmmm...can't read Greek and the translation function isn't working for me. What is it, and what's it for, may I ask?

  • Hi EC, if you look on the top right corner of the body up evolution website. You can switch the page to English. This equipment is a combo hoist, transfer seat and wheelchair of sorts.

  • It's kind of cool looking...However the carer must be able to roll the patient onto the disconnected seat; attach the belts; use alot of aerobicsto crank the seat into place and then push patient with wheels that if they are anything like the walker's wheels can become unstable going over bumps...The seat itself is a loose piece of canvas , If you notice the patient knees are pushed together so it looks as if patient is not sitting flat but curved with the canvas....pressure sores. Which leads to my last question.....Is this chair stable enough...It has no stabalizer in the back...It just looks like it could flip over vewry easily....

    Now that I have totally ripped it apart...please I am sorry. As we have learned time and time again, try before you buy....If your patient is petite with not much wt to persuade that chair to flip or to give them pressure sores[ then maybe you could consider it...I do like that it can be used to transport from bed to chair and from chair to chair...maybe if its use d just for that.....

    Well I put way more than my two cents worth in hope i didn't bring you down



  • Thanks for your input 😊, every point of view is useful.

    I completely agree that this wouldn't be good as a wheelchair. We already have 2 wheelchairs, but are getting to the point where we will need a hoist soon. My thinking was that this would be a good alternative to a hoist and only to be used as a wheelchair for short distances, ie bed to shower, shower to armchair, armchair to car etc.

  • Yes used only as a transfer chair, this may be a good thing . I think the others have agreed that this is meant for the elderly or frail and not for a robust person. However a hoist in my house would be impractical . so this chair may have t o be considered!


  • What a brilliant piece of equipment. It wouldn't have been any good for C except at the very beginning though, as he couldn't remain sitting on his own. Amazing for some though. Thanks for posting. It's good to know what is out there.


  • I really like the look of it, and will be hoping to learn more. Transfers are becoming very difficult for us and the hoists I've seen seem too big for my awkward house. That seems practical, although my sweetie is considerably larger than the gent in the video!

  • That's where my head is too. We live in a little house with some twisty corners and doorways, so the hoists I have seen look much too bulky. This looks like it has a smaller footprint and the little wheels should make it more manoeuvrable.

  • The lowest prices on the BodyUp Evolution patient lift can be found at a website called mobilepatientlifts. They are offering HUGE rebates and free shipping.

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