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My Mother has been given Pregablin over the past few months as a pain killer/anxiety medication. Initially tolerated it well but now that there has been several increases it is making her quite slurry etc. It is not taking the pain away and we are starting to think is there a point. Currently her dosage is 100mg twice a day. Does anybody have experience of this or could suggest an alternative we may suggest to the GP?

Many Thanks

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Hi eurolynch,

My husband also takes pregabalin. He has CBD.

He takes 25g twice per day and has taken that dosage for a few years now.

He was given a low dosage at the beginning for pain etc and then it was increased and increased but then lowered because of drowsiness etc until the present dosage, which seems to suit him.

He also takes half a 0.5mg tablet twice a day and a whole 0.5mg tablet once per day of Clonazepam for anxiety, one 150mg tablet of ,Venlafaxine and 2.5 mg Aripiprazole once per day also.

His medication hasn't changed for quite a while now.

I definitely think that you should talk over your mum's medication with either the Neurologist or GP.

My husband doesn't complain of constant pain but I know that he is often uncomfortable.


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