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Co2 acidosis

Mother Inlaw was in hospital for 5 weeks with pneumonia and a buildup of co2 came home with a nippy machine, she went to her 6 week check at the respiratory hospital it was ment to be a two night stay she been there a week she been give 6 months to live, last night we got told there's nothing they can do and something about acidosis she can come home or going in hospice for 3 weeks, I'm lost in what they mean hospice to keep a eye and make sure she ok or is this she may only have 3 weeks? also can't get my head around how well she was doing when she came home walking talking a little looked a lot better in herself

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Dear Jdeeee

This sounds like a nightmare. I feel for you.

I think you really need to sit down with the Doctor and ask what is going on.

It is not acceptable (good medical practice), these days, for a patient or a carer not to be informed about prognosis.

They have left you with so many questions and dreadful doubts.

wishing you the best



Thanks for the reply things have been explained better the hospice was for a break till things are sorted at home they didn't know my father Inlaw has 24 hour care for my mother inlaw and that she never left alone, she now having the nippy on at night and day as the co2 builds up fast so only a few hours off and bloods are getting checked every few weeks

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If questions come up don't be afraid to ask the ppl at hospice...and if it gets too hectic with family tell them to watch mum and go take a walk; a drive; a scream; whatever ,,,you need !



Great... It must be very tough for your mother in law.

I do hope she get's proper support now.

Thanks for coming back, I appreciate that.


respiratory acidosis when lungs can't compensate for the acidity build up brought on by lungs not getting rid of the Co2. I googled that what I think that means is that your mom may not be able to exhale fully... and thus the carbon dioxide builds up in the blood creating a higher acidity.....

Though death is not the first thing that is considered and there are ways to fix it...such as a CPAP... a thingy you put on at night to help you get enough 02. When it starts affecting the organs it gets systemic and the body does what the body does in shuts down...

However if she is doing well, I would just see if there is a daily test to check her Ph level and or ask dr if Oxygen would help..and ask them what to do besides hospice lingering in the shadows ? If she is obese help her lose wt...exercise slightly which uses oxygen pretty well. Does she have a secondary lung problem than just PSP? Maybe that should be dealt with! That's all I got

Good luck , dont let the DRs just tell you this and that be an advocate for her health...but too, be prepared for worst



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