I got this problem coughing after eating then sick or flem comes up after coughing ···· please help

When i eat some times once I've eaten that i end up coughing and either i be sick a bit Or i would cough then bring up Flem - my wife has said so many times that i will have to go and see a doctor --> tell me what you think Or do you think you know what it is??? Replies are welcome :0)

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  • Very common with psp. A speech therapist can do a barium swallow test and recommend things to help to prevent aspiration, which is what this sounds like to me. It can be a big help for what is obviously an awful problem. Good luck!

  • Right again EC. I have to agree that a swallow study will give you a clear view of how well you are swallowing. If you are coughing up alot of phlegm, if it is green, you might have a sinus or throat infection. so onward to the gp where they can order up a swallow study and if youre sick fix you up that way as well.

    Good luck


  • Right abirke as I said on ec's post. My first thought.

  • Isn't that the beauty of this site. You ask a question, youre going to get enough people who share the same experiences and have the same remedies ! What can we say, great people think alike :)


  • We sure do abirke :)

  • Cheers for telling me that i will have to see my GP i think :0)

  • Agree with you ec, which was my first thought. My hubby doesn't cough while eating but when he goes to bed and lies down.. Hoping he is not getting. Last test he had was negative.

  • Good advice given by Easterncedar and AVB Doug. You may need a softer diet but the swallow xray will show if you do.


  • I agree with the others, it sounds as if you are experiencing swallow problems, food or liquid going down the wrong way. If you have a speech therapist, get them involved or do as your wife says, go to the doctor!!! You know she is right,I'm afraid we always are!!!!!!!

    Lots of love


  • My husband coughs only when he is laying down and sounds like he has a lot of phlem in his upper respiratory area. He says it is not a cold and he doesn't feel sick. His neurologist said it is not caused by a a neurological condition and said I should call his primary care physician. Has anyone run into this?

  • We sure are Heady :)

  • Thanks ever so much to every one who replied to my question. I will definitely sort myself for a doctor as its mainly meals that cause it although a few times I've only had small things like a scott egg Or a Cornish Pasty so getting it checked definitely thanks again will keep you updated hope its nothing like psp - whatever psp is sorry not heard of psp B4....

  • Oh Lordy you don't have PSP.... Well honey what you doing talking to us; it could be a myriad of things.....Heady was right, wives are always right...go to your doctor....


  • I rang for a doctor today on 15.7.2016, he rang and i explained what was happening he then asked me a few health questions which i answered and Dr Ford has said it don't sound as bad as it sounds he got me taking some tablets which i tried to get today but they didn't have in so got to go back and at the same time get some vitamin D tablets - so i got Lamotrigine, vitamin D and what these other tablets are - i will end up tablet mad LOL

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