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psp - at home eye test

please ask your psp person to look up and the down ten times. have them look as hiigh up as possible and as low down as possible all ten times in about one miinute. please describe for me what you notice about their eyeballs and also about their eyelids? sit across fromm them and near so you can see. make sure they are sitting down and they keep their head/neck steady. just move only the eyes only.

what happens to their eyes-

what happens to their eyelids-


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Nothing happens. My hubby can't look up or down or side to side. If his eyes are open he stares straight ahead however much he tries to move them. Invariably they are closed. His chin is also on his chest most of the time so when he opens his eyes he is looking into his lap.

Nanna B


Same here, NanaB. Only Tal can't blink either.


Colin can't blink. His eyes are closed most of the time. Remarkably they stayed open right through the last episode of Dr Who last week. It's the first one we have seen for years so I await this weeks episode with interest . Not for the programme but to see if Colin's eyes stay open again.

Nanna B


oh thank you nanna-yes there are probably some in a later stage who are unable to move there eyes at all. I should have thought of that. sorry


My hubby can look down and side to side, but only up some. Eye balls don't track perfectly together esp. when he is tired. Eye lids are normal and he does blink. He is only two years since diagnosis.

Hope this is helpful.



thanks all for answering--the doc filmed my eyes move up and down ten times. I got to view it. the first three times the eyes moved ok but then they started to onlly go up a little bit and then eventually they locked in the dowwn position and would not move up. My lids always shut on the downward attempt and would not open unless I opened them wiith my fingers. I just wanted to know if any others had the same experience.



hi macfly

yes i have the same problem but cannot look up at all at ceilings etc or in churches

or at the sky either

my lids seem to close too when i am tired or just need a rest but i cannot sleep in the day time any more for a nap

lol jill



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