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We'll have to tell you all about my phone call to not shut George's file from the social workers who I was not able to speak to spoke to reception people who deal with there phone calls George file has been shut, but they are saying he can be reassessed when needed, I phoned up three times spoke to one of the team who told me that she was not trained medically, I said I appreciate that, I am not asking you for medical advice, she said that the letter had been worded wrongly it says this is to confirm, as discussed that my involvement in I our current contact with us has now ended what does that mean then. When she rung me I told her that I was not happy, but she but on file that I was happy with it, what a nightmare.

When I spoke to the call centre again she said do you need anything I said things change from day to day my husband has a progressive illness, ever day is different, not sure what tomorrow will bring, saying all this was so stressful, used the work stress so many times but got me no where.

Waiting for phone calls back from Isobel hospice and the PSP had a good cry and just getting on with my day, trying to get George up he is complaining of a muzzy head and he does not want to get up, feel like having a glass of wine but I don't drink.


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  • Not sure you need social workers - you need the community matron or Parkinson's Nurse - Occupational therapist and physiotherapist they are the medical team to guide you through this .And see if there is a carers coordinator through your doctors surgery they will also give good guidance sorting you out a carers assessment amongst other things . Georgepa

  • you often will be put intouch with a social worker because thats where they begin where you need SOCIAL CARE HELP , this person will come and assessment of care will take place to see if u are in need of carers , they should recomend and liase with o.t. and your doctor who should put in in touch with the long term condirions which is a community matron , from here u will be directed to all mannor of support and she is ur tool to take the stress out of things and bring everything together .she can arrange for u to be assessed for any c.h.c c are and if out of hours things happen u will have a number for the dristrict nurses i dont know where u live so each council or primary health care team can be different but usaully they are similer.SOCIAL WORKERS are for anything you need , house grants for ramps and grab rails once all has been done , they close the file and you will deal with any one whos in the office , it means you have no specific named worker , the team u remain with all the while and for odd enquireies the duty team are there to help but if you needed another assessment say like a lift fitted then they assign u a named worker again and he handle it till its finished hope i have been helpful .the case or your case will always remain open to them but they feel nothing at present is needed until they are alerted by you or someone like a doctor

  • Thank you you have put my mind at rest we live in bishops stortford, Hertfordshire trying to find out if we have a committee matron, doctor has referred George for all different things that the hospital have asked for so hopefully all will come together very soon, we are away for a week, when we come home will set the ball rolling, if we don't get anything by then thank you all once again I love this site everyone is so helpful Yvonne xxxxxx




  • Thank you looking forward to it but I have a sore throat again and ear ache had so many colds since November so maybe I will take to my bed and leave the others to cope ha ha love to you all have a good weekend Yvonne xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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