July a busy month, 3 granddaughters birthdays, first one of the month yesterday, bless her, she wanted a family 'party' the cake is my creation, now working on the next one for Wednesday!

Also sad, 2 people missing, my dad who died last year, and my mum this year, it would have been their 66th anniversary July 22nd and Mums 90th birthday July 27th, I cannot believe how much has changed in my life in the last 12 1/2 months

Lots of love

Debbie xxx

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  • Hi my goodness what a whopper of a cake how clever are you!!!! x

  • Not clever at all!! Xx

  • Heartbreaking but my goodness your doing well!!

    Fabadooka cake, enjoy x

  • Lovely cake very clever xxxx lovely but sad xxxx

  • Wow! A cake and a half. Brilliant!

    Happy July to you all.


  • Just been celebrating our daughter's birthday today. She is 29 and she is our youngest. I made a cake too but failed to photograph it and it is mostly eaten now. It was never as magnificent as your creation though! I hope Ellie had a lovely party. She has a very clever granny.

    Vicki x

  • Wow, very impressed!!! I suppose the moral of your post, is enjoy every day, because none of us know what tomorrow will bring! My daughters birthday tomorrow. Long time since I made her a cake. She normally spends it on holiday. Working this year!

    Lots of love


  • How true is that, we spent far to much time/effort to try and secure a reasonable retirement that's not to be.


  • Oh I am so sorry...remember, making happy new memories!

  • Head, just show her the picture of Debbiann's cake but crop out the name-HA!

  • A great idea Goldcap!!!

    Lots of love


  • What a bitter sweet story. Love the cake, my grandson was 3 last Friday and he was brought into the hospital so that we could sing happy birthday. Our cakes were fairy cakes with smarties on top, not quite up to your standard.

    Love Kate xx

  • Glad your hubby got the chance to join in, hope he could have a cake. How's it all going? I know this is very different circumstances but my 92 year old Aunty fell and broke her hip, and had partial replacement, she made a very speedy full recovery, I know she didn't have PSP to deal with but maybe Ben will surprise you

    Lots of love

    Debbie xxx

  • A wonderful cake. Do they grow bigger as the month goes on?

  • I hope not!! X

  • yo r great d\a

    olol jil;


  • That is some cake, the birthday girls are very lucky to have such a very talented grandmother.

    It's very sad when our parents aren't with us to share our experiences with our grandchildren. I often think of how my mum would be teaching the girls to knit and sew and my dad playing football with the boys, especially when there were no boys in our family.

    Take care, lots of love

    Nanny857 xx

  • Whew July is a busy month! Life is certainly showing you its cycle, isn't it? I hope you can be filled with good memories of your parents and make delightful new memories with your grandchildren

    Happy Birthday Ellie!

    Ps that is one decorated cake!!! yummie!


  • Way cool cake!! : )

  • Oh Debbieann,

    What a bittersweet post. Such a cute little girl cake. Love the candy bracelet! I too am an "ophan". Dad passed awhile ago and mom a little over two years ago. Luckily my husband was not as far along and I was able to spend quite a bit of time with her. She passed peacefully in my arms. I still miss her so much. I was not there for my father and still feel the regret. Think that is why I am so adamant about keeping my husband close. He is quite a bit older than me and when I met him everyone said I should think about the age difference as I would end up being a caretaker someday. But he was so intelligent and vibrant. More so than men half his age! Besides a partner of any age could become ill and we love who we love right? With his children grown and own there own and mine away at college we too had plans of just us. Not how I thought it would be. Heady is right. Live in the moment. That is the gift PSP brings. Carpe Diem!


  • Certainly an amazing cake much more advanced than my creations ha ha.Life is so full on isn't it.I lost both in laws in 2 weeks then my father 4 months later(my mum died 5 years previous)After 3 years mis diagnosis my husband was told he had CBD ,this was 6 months after all the funerals.He is in poor health now and I am his full time carer,but in the the last 9 months our younger daughter married and our elder daughter had a beautiful baby boy,happy times.Also we moved house in between the events ,phew what a busy life! Take care and enjoy the birthdays,i am off to have a glass of vino xx

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