Sick mom scares kids.....Do we have POA etc?

I have been terribly sick the last few weeks. Kids have had to help me with dad (B). My eldest keeps asking amid my illness, "Have you filled out these forms mom?" too ill to remember and lack the memory power thereof, I don't know if we've done it all. I Do know we've donated B's brain . Also there is a medical school here, and I would like to donate our bodies to future dr's to use as learning tools. If anyone in the US has good knowledge of what to do for POA here, please share. Thanks.


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  • I'm really sorry to hear you've been so ill, Mrs Birke, and hope you feel better soon. Stress undermines us at every turn, doesn't it? My parents donated their bodies to the local medical school.. Mom is still using hers, so I will ask her how she made the arrangements. My guy got a POA form through his attorney and filled it out naming me without my even knowing about it some time back. I did the health care PoA for him more recently, using a form the hospital and several health care providers offered us, with friends for witnesses.

    Get better soon, and try not to worry. Things will sort themselves out. Love, Ec

  • TY EC!

  • Oh get well soon sending you a massive hug xxxxc

  • TY Yag!

  • Hi, in UK the research centre's are the ones to contact. Especially those dealing with PSP.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better now AVB! Must have been scary, having to take care of yourself as well as B.

    Sending big hug and lots of love


  • I was sooo sick and am now able to sit with whirling. sinusitis and perforated eardrum......I]ve been spinning for two weeks! Try assisting your 150lb man when you have no balance control yourself....oh Heady I am so tired but I can't sleep....

    Well I hear you're off on adventure...have a good restfull time


  • I occasionally suffer that. No fun is it???? Thankfully, no episodes since S ill (Touch wood, etc., etc., etc.!!!!). Try and make sure you get as much rest as possible. The kitchen floor CAN wait!!!

    Lots of love


  • Funny, I finally scrubbed it yesterday! If I stay in one position I can adjust...hands and knees for 10 minutes wasnt bad...floor is much better!

  • so sorry u have been sick avb

    gt well ssoon how is B managing without ur help?

    ll jill


  • Oh man J, it was sooooo hard.....he cannot consider my needs and seemed more demanding than usual when sick......When I had to go to hospital, my kids came in and became my heroes!

    How you doing ?


  • Hope you get better soon, it is the worst nightmare being so ill that you are unable to look after your love. Cannot help with US regs on POA but try CurePSP may have some info.

    Get well soon and try and get some sleep, Tim

  • oh good idea. thanks Tim

  • Where do I go on for this info. I went there but couldn't find anything...

    TY Tim

  • look on the CurePSP website under "Support" tab there is a set of different types of contact, in person groups - I think you are from AR there is a group based in Little Rock. Also online meetings, peer support but not in AR. If in doubt at bottom of home screen there is an email to info@CurePSP.Good luck best wishes Tim

  • I had A middle ear infection a few years ago and felt constantly dizzy, room spinning etc it is totally debilitating. Guess that is a bit like our loved ones feel too. Hope you soon make a recovery. Love Kate xx

  • I asked Bruce if he ever felt dizzy; I have asked this in the past and his answer was always,"no" but yesterday it was , "yes, when I turn the corners" ironically that is not he falls as much with out corners as he does with them. ...common knowledge I know,....but the dizzy is a new response from him.

    Thank you for your response. I feel now as if i'm on a canoe...if I stay low and in the middle I'll be ok....;)


  • HMMMM, I hope he doesnt have an infection. This sick did not come with fever or green goo from the sinus just PAIN....and spin

    B, how do you feel, baby , still dizzy? HMMM he can't tell me and has diminished sensations..... a whole new red flag....yikes

  • abirke My husband gets dizzy from low blood pressure from the Parkinson meds. When he stands up his pressure drops. Drinking lots of water seems to help .He does not like water so it is a struggle.

    Noella 21

  • Did you know that you need at least a Liter of water a day? And that's just sitting there. My son who is out in the field all day says he drinks between 5 and 6L a day since it been hot...

    If your husband is able to swallow, he might like to eat his water in the form of fruits and veggies...or smoothies!

    B has great Bp and I give him at least 2L a day....I have been thickening icewater so that he might be able to lubricate throat and mouth before trying to swallow his pills...It sort of works!

    Thanks for the write Noella


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