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Hi everyone was wondering if anyone has any tips concerning keeping my husband's(w/cbd) teeth in better condition. Unfortunatley I've dropped the ball on this & mortified about it.

I was putting toothpaste on brush for him & making sure he brushed but obviously now I realise he hasn't been brushing well. I've tried to do this for him a few times but no matter how gently I do it he says it hurts him. He hasn't been to the dentist for over 12 months because everytime I mention it he says he doesn't want to go & he would prefer all his teeth pulled. He does have some type of gum disease (not sure what though). Any tips??

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  • Have same problem with my man. He doesn't have gum disease, but like your loved one, has put off dentist and done only a poor job on cleaning his teeth. Shaving is similar in that he concentrated on the mouth and chin and forgets sides and neck.

    Solution I propose for teeth is to get an electric toothbrush. And put carer in charge if necessary.

    As far as shaving goes, a lovely wet shave by someone who knows how to wield a razor, pref not a female carer(!). The men do a much better job!

    Will swap comments with you on how we go! Good luck beau1988 !

  • Thanks honjen43 unfortunatley I don't have a carer, I'm it! I did consider an electric toothbrush but I'm not sure how he'd he cope with the different sensation. But worth a try.

    As far as shaving he attemps it but like your loved one is very hit & miss. I generally tidy up for him. & yes I use a razor. You get better as you go. Just take it slow.

    Thanks for the imput. Take care.

  • This is a difficult one. I bought my husband an electric toothbrush but he managed to break 3 as he bit them while switched on. I now find it best to use a small head ordinary brush, the hospice recommended a child's brush but ours has a full size handle. I have to clean his teeth now. After cleaning I use a fine spray and spray water onto his teeth which I then suck out with the suction machine.


  • I usually shave my husband as male carers are in short supply and the women don't have the nack.


  • Thanks, NannaB. Good advice as always!

  • I am mortified about my own lack of persistence about it, too. You are not alone. My guy sort of, rather aimlessly, uses an electric, but really resists my attempts to help, and I generally so far have let it go. I hadn't thought about getting a water pic, I am going to look into it, since NannaB mentioned her method. Thanks for asking the question! Ec

  • Hi

    This is non scientific...

    We use Listerine Total Care which we buy cheap on Amazon... Its not as good as brushing, but it at least get's rid of the bacteria. I ould expect it will help with the gum infection.

    There are also some good videos on you tube on how to do dental hygiene for someone else

    Just thoughts.

  • Oh, Liz still brushes her teeth BTW... The mouthwash is a bonus at the moment...

  • PPS

    Liz has just reminded me about Theramed - liquid toothpaste. Whjen her Mum (elderly and weak) was in hospital she (Mum) found it much more pleasant and easier.

  • My husband has had a feeding tube for a year now. Stopped brushing and have been useing the sponge toothbrushes mainly to clean the mouth. Caregivers do this. No dentist for a year. Stopped wearing his partials as he is not eating or drinking by mouth. Now I have noticed he has a lot of tartar. Not sure if a trip to the dentist is worth it. He would have to force his mouth open.Also difficult to transport to office and then get him in the dentist chair.Never know if I am doing the right thing. I am sure if he were in a nursing home they wouldn't be doing anything about his teeth.


  • What about talking to the G.P. about an ambulance to an NHS dentist and back?

    I wonder if they would do that.

  • Hi beau1988 I have gone from watching Dad brush his own teeth stood at the sink with me behind supporting him to now gently brushing them for him as he can no longer do it himself. Someone on here told me that oral hygiene is important as it can affect the viscosity of the mucus which plays a big part in the illness. I was advised to brush twice a day and get a scraper for his tongue. Mouth wash was an impossible, as just swirling and spltting he couldn't manage. Once Dad could no longer brush and spit we moved on to sensadyne toothpaste which is less foaming. He doesn't rinse we just wipe the residue off on a paper towel. Urge your loved one to see a dentist while he is still able. We are at the point were Dad wouldn't even be Blessed to open his mouth wide enough. Good luck and happy brushing xx

  • Our SALT team gave me instructions on doing M's teeth also suggested use of non foaming toothpaste such as Sensodyne. As M had swallow issues at the time mouthwash was out. Gave carers copies of the SALT team's instructions. It worked as M's dentist has said her teeth and gums fine on last 3 visits. Only fly in ointment is nursing home did not take the instructions but SALT team visiting M next week and will raise the issue.

    Good luck Tim

  • One word....Sonicare

  • I attended a Psp conference in Glasgow and they said to get this type of tooth brush to make everything quicker.

    (it wasn't this particular one but one similar)

    Also if they bite or clamp, have something for the patient to clamp down on that is big enough for you to be able to still get access with a brush.

    Hope this helps.

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