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For a while Bugs has been having trouble wearing contact lenses - she found it very hard to remove them. I think the time has come to revert to glasses but my suggestion did not go down well.

I wrote to the eye surgeon and he replied very quickly, backing me up almost but (and this is the point of this) prescribing some artificial tears. Our pharmacy is a group of 4 and none of them stock it as a matter of course.

I don't know if it is new or costly but hope it will help. If anyone else has similar problems, it might be worth asking GP etc about it.

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  • The US has it on it's shelf for anyone to purchase...you do not need a prescription.... If

    walgreens is over in the UK, ask where the eyedrops are and you should find what you're looking for.



  • Thanks, here it is by prescription only in the UK. Why?????

    Just under 3 weeks now to the midsummer solstice and we still have our heating on. I am sure someone will announce soon how many shopping days until Christmas!

  • wow you are in a unique universe! I suggest you go on line and buy drops from another country ie US Walgreens! and while you're there; Walgreens has great last minute xmas gifts for that one cousin you forgot hahahahah


  • Just had a look on Amazon. They sell them. Why do medics say prescription only? Did not think to ask - more learning.

  • I cannot buy thickener off the shelf at one pharmacy, must ask the pharmacist for it...(I don't need a script) and at another pharmacy, I can just pick it up and buy it with my other stuff....wierd!I do hope you find what you are looking for.


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