Sorry advice again please

I guess I'm asking girls here, f has always wet shaved, couldn't manage today's shave and I had to help with his shave, not sure I have barber qualities! I did think electric shaver? Could he feel his way round his face? Feet, face and bits in between, don't know know if I can do this!

Love to everyone, and thank you for all the good advice, I don't always get time to thank everyone especially at the moment with sorting mums estate etc, but I do read all replies and take on board, waiting for o/t from hospice re: powered wheelchair xx

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  • Yes definitely electric shaver. In the early stages, and in fact right up to a few months ago, D could shave himself with the electric one. It's also much easier to do it for him with electric shaver. Now (he can't do anything himself now) the carers alternate between electric and wet shave when he's in the shower.

    V x

  • ELECTRIC SHAVER has allowed B to continue with his own morning bathroom regimen! I also got him an electric toothbrush! I tried a special toothpaste dispenser but it does not I am the one that puts paste on brush. I also replace the units to their electric chargers. But giving B the independence and the ability to shave without cutting himself keeps him strong. I have also given him wet wipes next to tp. This has helped him be more effective in wiping. I cannot afford a wet room so I recently bought him a shower chair and replaced the stationary shower head with one that he can detach and spray around him while he is sitting down.....I think he really likes this and so far....he has not fallen......granted i'm almost as wet as he but maybe we'll get more in synch hahaha

    Sorry I know this was TMI. but yah electric shavers and toothbrushes really help!


  • My guy has had a beard for almost all of his adult life, but a mishap with an electric beard trimmer, when he suddenly lost his ability to operate it properly, turned me into the barber. I had to shave him completely that first time, and so got a first look at his entire handsome face. His beard and mustache grew back, and now I do the shaving with a razor, and rather enjoy doing it. I have nicked him a couple of times, so am thinking about getting an electric shaver to be on the safe side. Sometimes I take him into the village for a real shave and a haircut, and we both enjoy that!

  • I feel like he had given up trying to be independent, I know it must be hard for him to carry out normal tasks, but it's so much easier to get me to do it xx

  • Hi, S likes a wet shave, so I get the Carers to do it every morning. I did buy an electric one, to top up, S's attempts, while he could still shave himself. But I actually found it easier to wet shave him, it was a lot quicker and far more satisfying.

    Lots of love


  • I am not a girl but let me comment :) - when shaving the beard with an electric trimmer, plz try and keep the eyes safe so that small bits of hair don't fly into the eyes (and possibly mouth as well)

  • Hi Debbieann, my brother always wet shaved but of course he can't do that anymore ended up getting him a good electric one, pretty clean shave.

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