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Hi All

Does anyone know of something that could help my wife with her thick feeling in her throat, it has been getting worse over the past week, and making a noise like her chest is clogged up, but she says that it is her throat. For the past week she has not been able to gargle which used to help. Don`t post much but when I do I always seem to be asking for help, sorry. I look up on this site every day. Thank you all and would be very grateful for any suggestions.

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Thanks for posting as my husband's throat mucous is getting worse and I was going to ask if anyone had any ideas. The GP couldn't suggest anything and the hospice were going to get him to provide something to calm him down as he panics when this happens and he can't cough it up. It's too low for the pump we have. He is PEG fed. I'm going to ask the hospice if they have sorted the meds as I haven't heard anything since last Friday. Looking forward to reading the replies you get Clytie. Hope they can help both of us.



Hey! Don't apologize, please. Asking for help here is what this place is for! I have asked this question myself, and am glad to pass on advice I've been given

The gluey throat is a constant issue with psp. In the past folks have recommended dark grape juice and pineapple juices, and I sometimes use them and maybe that helps. Mucinex or other expectorant may work for your wife. We've tried that, and it helped a bit. I think the atropine eye drops, given under prescription here in the US, that I put under his tongue definitely make a difference for my guy. It is a real problem, and I hope your wife gets some relief.

Best, ec


Hi, our specialist care advisor recommended pineapple juice. Nanny857 xx


Hi Nanny

After your reply to my post I went out straight away and got some pineapple juice and it has certainly helped, she is so pleased with your help, and me, many thanks.



Hi Brian, so glad it is helping. Have as good a day as possible. Nanny xx


Yes D has pineapple juice every day and I think it does help although it is still a big problem. It seems to get worse when tired.



Hi, sorry no advice on your question. But please don't be sorry for asking questions! That's what this site is about, asking for advice, letting off steam and saying and talking about things, nobody else, but fellows Carers or suffers can relate to! Lots of people read, but don't post, you asking a certain question, will help others going through exactly the same as you and your wife. Further along the journey, it will be you answering someone's query, with something you have tried and tested!

Lots of love



So right Heady, so right.


I'd say if she's bothered by her throat take her to the Dr. She may have an allergy or a cold ...something that will, I suppose, recover on its own. But it may be something more unidentifiable to her such as inabiulity to swallow. For B , gargling , voluntary coughing became more and more difficult. We did swallow therapy and finally the PEG tube but this was over about 9 months to a year....So again call the gp and see what they have to say

Good Luck



I had similar problems with my wife.

I suspected that the problem was localized in her throat. Bought a "Mandibular Advancement Split (MAS)". A bit unconfortable and requires several weeks before we can expect results.

Since then I consulted a specialist and he recommended a device that enlarge nostrils.

Placed the order, waiting for delivery!

These respiratory problems are a real issue: because of them, no real good sleep and as a result a general fatigue all day around.

Plus the disconfort itself.


I keep b

Poking deleting messages half way theouGh .!!

Clytie . It's what we are ll here for to help and support each other .

We are have had the same problem for a long time , I'd keep checking johns mouth and throat with a small damp cloth I sometimes use a drop of mouthwash n it . Clear as much as I can that way .

Nothing helps him not even the latest glycopperate . It did for a short while so worth trying . No adverse effects with it like others we tried .

Nanna John panics he buzzes me me at night afaid he is choking and can't get his great .

I think it's the problem with breathing pattern can't seem to coordinate mouth and nose

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hospice prescribed mucidine for rog thins secretions working well.

julie xx


My husband has been on Glycopyrrolate 0.6mg -3x a day and it has made a world of different. It's a very low amount and it can be increased as needed.

Hope it helps

Deidre in BC


I should add they made theGlycopyrrolate in liquid form


My husband found that Mucinex helped. Over the counter from the pharmacy. Worth a try. I think It is called by the same name in the UK as in NZ.


We use a nebuliser with acetelcystein (spelling?) 2 times a day, saline 2 times a day and pulmocort 2 times a day. All loosen the thick mucous and make it easier to cough up. If mucous gets thick and blocks the airway and can't budge, then it's all over. 2 trips to hospital educated us on that score!. Also we now have a suction machine-gets the mucous out when coughed up, noisy but worth it. House looks like a hospital!! Saline and pulmocort is cheap, acetelcystein costs $130 a week-but hey you can't take it with you.


Try nebuliser 2 times a day saline, 2 times a day pulmocort and 2 times a day acetecystein, excuse spelling. Loosens mucous and makes it thin, if you can't cough it up, and it gets thick and blocks the air-it's all over. Works for us.


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