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So 5 years ago my dad was diagnosed with a severe case of PSP. 5 years on i am still struggling to find local support and advice on things our family face daily now. So with no technical blogging skills or experience i have decided to set up a Facebook PSPA Dublin Suppprt Page. I am following the UK example with their wide support network that they have available via local groups. Its called PSP Dublin. Its early days please pop by and say hello.

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  • Well done. I wouldn't know where to start. I'll definitely check it out.


  • will dol jill

    pSp person in uk


  • Good luck with the venture.. PSP sufferers need all the help they can get and I have learned more about the disease through this site than from anywhere else including my neurologist.

  • Well done for having the energy and expertise to set up a support group, PSP sufferers and carers in your area will be very grateful. x

  • That's great. Here in Louisville, KY in the US, there was no support group for diseases like PSP; only for regular Parkinson's. So my wife and I formed one ourselves through our local Parkinson's Support Center. Been doing this for about 3 years and have numerous families to attend. Currently we have around 5 families to attend each month. So nice to see and hear others progression with this dreadful disease and we each have opportunities to share with others on how to live our life the best that we can.


  • Ketchupman, I am so proud for you putting the group together for PSP. We do not have one where I live. I have heard of a carer group that meets at a church and the Parkinson's group.

  • Good luck and well done to you x

  • Thanks everyone, we do need support so the more awareness we create the better. X

  • Hi twindles

    Good luck with the site. If it's half as good as this one for information, it'll be great x

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