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Sponsored Warrior Run for the PSP Association - Lots of mud and obstacles!

I hope its okay to post this. I am taking part in a 6km mud run for the PSP Association on 30th March 2014 which I have now realised is Mother's Day so I will be spending my Mother's Day up to my armpits in muddy water trying to scale ridiculous obstacles. I was unable to persuade any of my friends and colleagues to take part with me (can't imagine why?!) so I will be running on my own. If you would like to sponsor me, please visit my just giving page - justgiving.com/coyle51 or text PSPA51 £? to 70020 ie PSPA51 £1. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated. I will try and upload a photo when I have completed the run.

My mother was diagnosed with PSP about 18 months ago, we estimate she probably had it for 4 or 5 years before that. The information provided by the PSP Association was really helpful and the forums are a great source of support. Thank You

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Hi coyle51 I would like to sponsor you but would rather send you (or PSPA) a cheque than use a site I'm not familiar with; I'm a bit of a dinosaur with electronic banking. Sorry to be awkward but every time I type my card details for a transaction I'm not sure who has access to my account. I could always mark the cheque PSPA51 if that would identify it as your sponsorship. Good luck and have fun. Jerry.


Hi quick gel

I am more than happy for cheques to go directly to the PSPA and they know I am taking part. Their details are: please make cheque payable to PSP Association and send to: 167 Watling Street, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6BX

Thank you very much I am just hoping it doesn't rain.



My son and daughter-in-law did the Tough Mudders run here in the states a few months ago. The weather was COLD and rainy but they were determined. They are in their mid-40s. This run was to sponsor the Wounded Warriors program. It was a real challenge but they felt so good when it was over for having helped raised money for a great group. So, you have a great challenge but YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. Good luck and do take lots of pictures.


Hi quickgel/Jerry

The PSPA have confirmed your kind donation. I did indeed complete my warrior run and have posted a photo on my just giving page. Hopefully I will have some more photos soon.


Hi caroline,

Thank you for you kind words, I did indeed have a great time and despite being surrounded by some very athletic looking people the vast majority were just out to have fun which indeed I think everyone did. I have posted a photo on my just giving page and hope to post some more photos soon.


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