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After being told by my social worker that the flexible break system was being stopped in April by our local council I have had the wonderful news from her that  I have been granted it after all. I think it is 16 hours a month. I have not had confirmation yet . Does anyone know how it works???? I have spent 100 hours of it in my mind already !!!!!! I am wondering if it is just a sitter or a trained person and what they are allowed to do, my husband needs help in the toilet now and can not walk unaided. Xx

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  • I have not heard of this.

     Are you UK based or in another Country? 

    I would love to hear about this, I have no respite and care for my husband 24/7 including toileting twice a night and so I NEVER get an unbroken night sleep. 


  • Don't know what happened here but I have replied to you below xx

  • Hi, I take it you are in the UK?  Get in touch with social services, they will then put you in contact with the right companies that provide care.  How far along in the PSP journey are you?  Are you at a stage that you can try for CHC funding?  Another place to go, is your local hospice.  Most provide day care,  S goes to one.  They are run on a 12 week course, one day, once a week.  It's a godsend.  Gives him something to do and I get the day off!  Plus they look after you.  I have been to a Carers group.  We get a community nurse comes to see S, when he not attending the day centre.  One thing it is NOT, is a waiting room. Hospices are to help those with life limiting diseases LIVE! See your GP.

    Lots of love


  • Thanks, we have our first meet up with hospice on July 4 so I am hoping this will lead to other help x

  • Hello , I live in UK, apparently some councils , but not all, offer this to the career. I THINK it's free and it's 16 hours a month and I'm not sure how it works after that ! Our council stopped it as part of cutbacks on April 11 th, my social worker applied for me on the 11 th as she had not been officially told it was stopped, and I've been given it. If you have not had a carers assessment a sk for one and if it happens in your area you should be told about it. It can't come soon enough I'm at my wits end. Or ring Social care up and ask. Best wishes xx

  • Cambridgeshire don't fund this unfortunately. I was paying £52.00 for one day a week 9am to 3pm so that I could join an exercise class and do my weekly shop but he was incontinent, they put him in a nappy, washed his clothes but did not wash him, so we don't go any more!

  • How awful for you both, my husband needs toileting I am wondering how this will work.I know this sitting service is only offered in some councils and it has just stopped here, apparently I was last to have it granted I don't know how true this is.i am told once granted it is not taken away from you , just no new cases. It will be tremendous help but I have nothing in writing yet.x

  • Hi gypsywoman, if it is what I think it will be something like a Crossroads sitter who can help with toileting.  We never got any help from local social services and NHS jumped in only when M fell and broke her arm 18 month ago and put us directly on CHC.  Prior to that we had a sitting service provided from Carers Trust which was organised by our GP, but amended by me as required.  They gave me a morning out once a week about 3 hrs, meant I could do banking and have a coffee watching world walk by.  It was great.  If your local council drop the service try contacting Carers Trust or sometimes called Crossroads google them and check your local group.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Thank you, it will be such a God send , even an hour on my own will help, not all friends if they can be called such, visit , and I am slowly losing touch with the outside world, I used to have a life with sewing classes, coffee mornings, trips, you will know how it feels. X

  • So true

  • Are you a member of the Parkinson's Association? Its only about £4 a year and they can help by providing Crossroads care for 3 hours a week. The local association nurse will help you with this  and also to apply for Attendance Allowance if you haven't got it and are eligible.  Best wishes.X

  • Thank you xx 

  • hi

    we still get it so  i get twelve hours evry four weeks, works well allocated care company you ring book your days and you are away, rog has a guy come in at present he will take him for a coffee then pop him into bed safely so i know i have a few more hours!


  • Oh what bliss, it sounds so useful, I can't wait , it sounds easy to book , thank you for info xx

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